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How is Yoga in Pregnancy commendable?

| 3 years ago

New saplings grow strong and healthy under the sunlight.

What are some of the ways in which a family grows strong and healthy through Yoga?

May the expecting mother reach their expectations through Yoga. Definitely, the growth of a baby begins from the womb. As a family wouldn’t it be great to pass on the energy that you acquire?

The word yoga brings some tranquility and peace to our minds!

What about the baby whose mother does yoga in pregnancy?

Is this idea a safe and advisable one?

If yes, how safe is it and how could it be implemented?

After all, the mother is doing yoga not the baby. So how does the baby benefit from yoga?

These are some of the frequently asked questions by everyone. Let’s first understand the process and benefits through this article. 

But first , consult a doctor before you plan on any kind of exercise. Consider some questions such as :

What is your target through this exercise?

What recommendations does the doctor give during your pregnancy?

First Trimester and Yoga

The first three months are extremely important for the growth of the baby. During this phase, one may experience exhaustion or nausea. Yoga helps in combating this uneasiness. Try simple and easy to do movements. This helps you with leg pain and body ache. It also helps in easy digestion. This regulates the production of acids in the stomach. Yoga also helps to check the blood flow.

There won’t be many remarkable changes in the yoga postures for pregnancy from the regular ones. There will be changes in the speed and directions.

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Meditation and Prenatal Yoga

Meditation is an essential aspect of the prenatal yoga schedule. Let me brief you on how important it is. Generally, this part is neglected by many people. Focus all your attention on it. It is necessary to tune a channel before listening to a radio program. The same applies here! We tune in to the yoga mode by awakening. This in turn helps to get maximum energy during meditation.

Remind yourself before you enroll in a yoga program that you are responsible for the growth of one more person. It is your baby. Do not drop the course in between. It would simply be like inserting a pacifier into a hungry baby’s mouth for temporary relief!

During meditation, we create positive vibes from within and around us.Eventually, this positivity gets ingrained into the baby’s subconscious receptive mind. Positive patterns are created in its brains. Therefore the baby naturally imbibes breathing techniques from the womb. 

Isn’t it wonderful when your baby is born with the knowledge and experience of the divine? 

How Natural Is It?

Pregnancy is a natural process. It should not be seen as a period of discomfort or anxiety, continue with yoga in pregnancy if you were consistent in yoga before conceiving. Otherwise, always take an expert’s advice before beginning the exercises.One needs to be extremely careful during the first three months or the first trimester. As yes, do not refer to books or videos to choose the course of yoga during pregnancy. It has to be definitely done under the instructions of a one to one training program.

Yoga and meditiation

It is quite natural for expecting women to do exercises. Yoga is also a natural process for women to follow during this period. Once you consult your doctor do not hesitate to continue this routine for the growth and development of your baby.

Every baby experiences the world through its mother. Pregnancy is a period of anxiety, fear, nutrition, happiness, excitement.It is overwhelming when all these ingredients put together at the same time. Yet, mothers are determined to give the best experience of a whole universe from the womb. Prenatal anxiety, depression, emotions, etc could affect your baby.

How does Yoga help during Pregnancy?

1) It helps in imparting the best attitude to pregnancy. Pregnancy is one of the most powerful times in a women’s life. It is vital to stay fit and healthy in both body and mind. 

2) The mother and baby are extraordinarily connected through the womb. Hence, any type of anxiety can affect the baby. Yoga during pregnancy helps eliminate fear. It also gives a purpose and meaning to the phase.

3) It trains a woman’s mind to create awareness of the delivery. It prepares her for the labor, the pain, and the responsibility. Both the body and the mind undergoes a huge hormonal transformation. In some cases, it could have an adverse impact on a woman’s life.

Yoga gives the ability to tackle it with the presence of mind.


The Yoga Mat, the Baby and You

A small piece of fabric as the yoga mat can do wonders during your pregnancy. This course of exercise leads to a phenomenal understanding of the life within you.

Assuredly, it gives flexibility to the bones and muscles to regain normal weight. Yes, this is not easy.One needs to tune in the mind to prepare for the whole process. Every month is like an examination where you score well with steady and smart preparation.

Yoga makes the lower back, abdomen, and pelvic muscles flexible during pregnancy. These birth muscles ones up helping you for a healthy delivery.

An Active Mind

Most of the articles on this platform talk about well-being and happiness. There are fewer chances that you miss out on endorphins. Evidently, endorphins are directly connected to positive feelings. Yoga helps in releasing these hormones. Surely a bubbling baby awaits you!

Yoga in pregnancy also helps the mother to stay active for a longer period of time. The mind stays fit and energetic after a long day. 

It is important to keep the body moving during pregnancy.Endorphins are released during workouts. It helps in retaining a happy state of mind. Consequently, it helps to overcome the impending postpartum depression. 

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Body and Mind Harmony

The breath we inhale in and exhale out is precious to each of us. Yoga teaches us to realize this aspect of life.It balances the harmony between the mind, body, and soul. As a result, this could be the greatest gift that you could give your baby. I have seen women struggle with decision-making during their pregnancy period. Predictions, predilections, and presumptions spoil ambiance and mood. Every second is important for both the mother and the baby. Yoga helps to be decisive. It imparts strength to the mind to face the reality. 

The types and their benefits

The Keep Ups

We all have access to yoga postures through different sources. I would insist on the type of exercise instead of elaborating on the exercises. You should not miss out on keep ups. Additionally, every workout should be done after strict consultation with a gynecologist. Keep ups could be done by anyone.These are small sets of simple exercises that bubble up sparks of energy from within.

It is an easy and exciting type of workout. It could be done while walking.

There is no requirement for extra set up or room for the same. Keep ups helps to overcome all sorts of limitations in the mind. So keep ups are effective when done for 3-11 minutes. Yes, you need to be consistent with it to get the best results. 


Some Simple Asanas

It is essential for a pregnant woman to be able to sit cross-legged on the floor. Small chores like wiping the floor, sweeping would be fine till the seventh month. A woman’s body is structured in a special way.The internal organs adjust to give space to the growing womb. A lot of metabolic reshuffling takes place during this time.

During the first trimester ensure that the body is not affected by any sort of jerks. Jerks include traveling, walking, etc.  Possibly these jerks could hurt the back or cause miscarriages. Lifting weight should be completely avoided. Normal activities may continue.


Spend time with nature. Take in the morning sunlight and also keep your mind free. Have faith and trust in yourself. Be an ideal personality for the growing baby. Do not encourage people who inject negativity and frustration into life. 

Give time for your hobbies. This helps to spread happiness.


Simple postures as bhadrasana are good. Always remember to include lying down postures too. Here the child as well as the mother gets enough rest. Avoid lying on the back.

Paryankasana posture prevents one from getting swollen legs during the final months of pregnancy. 

The camel pose pulls your abdomen upwards. It lifts the hip and keeps the child at its place.

Standing postures such as standing Vajrasana is important. Keeping the legs apart at ease is a good pose. The body has to bend forward and backward. Try bending as per your convenience and comfort.

Concentration with Jhapa Jhapa

There would be times of anxiety and self-doubt during pregnancy. The Jhapa is a traditional and ancient yoga technique.  It helps in increasing concentration, focus, and happiness. This helps one to alleviate negativity and build confidence. 

The body connects subconsciously to the breath.During this asana do not try to purposefully influence the pace and depth of your breath. Precisely, it has to be executed effortlessly. Observe the inflow and outflow of breath attentively. Do not resist or expect any special experience. Just feel and take the posture as it comes your way. 

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The Overall Magic of Yoga

Yoga should be a nutritious part of your life. An experience of balance, peace, and harmony is inevitable. Beware of the toxicity around us.Yoga is a shield that helps the body to listen to the mind. Apparently many people think with their heart these days. During pregnancy, women undergo confusion due to several changes in the body. Yoga in pregnancy is the best and most important tip. Undoubtedly you will pitch your life and tune yourself to stay happy. Generate happiness irrespective of all perilous circumstances. 

Spread this word to all the people around you. Furthermore, keep reading and researching the asanas mentioned above. Assuredly this would give an experience of a complete yogi. 


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