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Anger in kids and mindful ways of tackling it.

'Anger in kids and mindful ways of tackling it.'

Anger in kids could become a dagger in adulthood. Many doubts are to be clarified pertaining to anger.  Is anyone to be blamed for anger in kids? Is there a difference in the anger found in kids from adults? Some of us insist to vent out the anger instead of suffocating with it. So ...

Parenting books and effective tips to raise mentally strong kids

'Parenting books and effective tips to raise mentally strong kids'

Every parent wishes for the success of their child. Some children envision this wish as a want than a need. Absolutely, parents are the best source of enlightenment and inspiration in our lives. Parenting books are available in plenty in the market. Did you find it hard to choose the b...

What’s cooking??

'What’s cooking??'

Enough is enough!! Third cook in the last six months!! Two others already sacked in quick succession!! And if my gut feeling is anything to go by, the fate of the third one is going to be no different. It’s only a matter of time before she leaves too. Well, good for her. After putting up with Ma a...

Love in the time of Tinder

'Love in the time of Tinder'

Is it possible to find love in the age of Tinder? At some point of time, this thought must have crossed the curious minds of young men and women who haven’t yet been able to shake off the curse of single-hood. Being single is hard. You are deemed a failure in your friends circle if you are not abl...