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Panic Attacks Worst Facts in Children

'Panic Attacks Worst Facts in Children'

Panic attacks have increased in these two years. You may be thinking why in these two years? The answer to this question is the pandemic. The Pandemic has been with us for the past two years. And this has affected more are the kids. Kids have never always been indoors. However, now when kids have be...

Social Media Addiction New Age Malison?

'Social Media Addiction New Age Malison?'

Social media addiction, is it true? The other day my friend was asking me. I replied to her, "Yes, it is true." Most of us suffer from social media addiction. On a daily basis, we use social media than a face to face conversations with people. In real life, talking to strangers is very scary, but a ...

Relationship problems – Signs Your Relationship Is Not Working Anymore

'Relationship problems – Signs Your Relationship Is Not Working Anymore'

When you enter into a relationship, in the beginning, everything feels like unicorns and rainbows but as you grow with your partner, both emotionally and physically, you notice changes. These changes may be good or bad and trusting each other is the most important thing in the process. Relationship ...

Is Vegan Diet Healthy, What You Think?

'Is Vegan Diet Healthy, What You Think?'

Is vegan diet healthy? Have you eaten vegan food? There are many of us who don't know anything when asked all these questions. For most of us, this is all so new. Some of us just know that there is only vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. So I will fill you in about all that you need to know. Pla...

Surprising benefits of drinking water they didn’t tell you

'Surprising benefits of drinking water they didn’t tell you'

There is nothing more important to our body than Water. Our whole digestion and respiration system depends on it. Water keeps our body hydrated, brain active helps in building muscles, boosts our immune system and so much more. Water is the first key to a human body's physical and mental health. Ou...

15 Best Oils For Hair Growth And Thickness

'15 Best Oils For Hair Growth And Thickness'

Remember the times when our grandmas used to massage our heads with hot oils? This Indian tradition has been in the spotlight for decades now. We Indians rely on our grandma's theories more than marketed products. Isn't it? This practice is one of the most popular hair-care remedies in India when it...

Natural Home Remedies To Prevent Hair Fall

'Natural Home Remedies To Prevent Hair Fall'

Our hair is a crucial part of our personality. It adds elegance and beauty to our outlook. Hence, it is also very essential that our hair stays healthy, smooth and rich. Bad hair growth, roughness, split-ends, etc result in poor hair health and thinner hair volume. This issue is very prevalent among...

Skincare Tips to follow according to your skin type

'Skincare Tips to follow according to your skin type'

It is VERY Important to take care of your skin alongside your busy and tiring schedule. You may not feel it instantly but your skin starts feeling worn out and dull if you don't pay proper attention to it. Just like your stomach needs food and your body needs regular cleanliness, your skin also requ...

Signs that you’re an overthinker and how to avoid overthinking

'Signs that you’re an overthinker and how to avoid overthinking'

As the name suggests, overthinking is THINKING TOO MUCH. Overanalyzing, thinking about the same scenarios on loop, instead of taking suitable measures or speaking out, you keep circling the same thoughts over and over again. It gets frustrating and unbearable at times and you feel lost and it is har...

Dance is therapy, is it really therapeutic?

'Dance is therapy, is it really therapeutic?'

Dance is therapy, is this true? Do you hear the music? Well, that's me, I love dancing. For me, it has been a superb stress buster. As a kid, I was a very shy girl. But when it came to dancing I would forget everything. Years passed by but the love for dance still remains. I feel happy because it ma...