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The best ways to deal Repression in Communication

| 3 years ago

How many of us just like watching the waves and listening to it by the shores? Have you sensed any from of repression in communication by the shores?

Furthermore, how many of us love contemplating on the deep ocean gurgling with hidden mysteries?

There is much more worth discussion on what stays repressed beneath the vast ocean

This vastness is comprised of repression, depression and regression which also add to the maze of mystery. 

How do we unfurl it? 


Are we expected to unfurl it or just allow it to be mysterious forever? 

We need to set the borderline when it begins corroding our subconscious mind. Let’s go surfing through this article on this wonderful and mysterious deep blue oceanic mind;

Your mind resembles an ocean

Differentiating Repression, Depression and Regression

The three terms are often confused by many of us and sometimes happily conclude that all are one and the same. We all repress our emotions and seem quite happy about it. In fact it becomes a habit even when we are expected to talk over it. Repression in communication takes a back seat when depression or regression takes over. It varies from person to person based on circumstances, adaptability, capability, etc.

What happens otherwise?? 

If you don’t find effective ways to confront hard times it’s natural to feel low and confused on the ability to tackle a problem. Some tries talking it over while others try to be quiet. Whichever path is taken you ought to be confident to overcome it whether alone or not. Wrong guidance, reactions, comments, gasps may force one to repress. Most of us have got the immunity to fight all mental confusions but problems worsen because we care so much for what others say!;

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Working of the Big Boss

During repression one attempts to direct the desires to other pleasing instincts by eluding the real problem which takes a back seat in the sub conscious mind. It’s like the dirt which we dump in the ocean which eventually gets deposited somewhere deep down in the water bed.This dirt gradually leads to psychological trauma and repression in communication.

Regression is even more dangerous because a person returns to either earlier phases of development in their life or to other abandoned forms of pleasurable activities which leads to further complications in and around them.

For example: adults may show signs as sucking of thumbs, bedwetting, babbling etc.

It is like the clear and clean waters in the ocean which evaporates to restore into a land due to pollution. Everyone encounters complicated thoughts from time to time. But such thoughts may cross the limits and become intrusive which develops into psychiatric conditions. A recent study in the University of Cambridge showed that flashbacks, negative thinking could mature to hallucinations and even corrosive effects of schizophrenia. The brain is capable of blocking thoughts which may mature to other complications in the subconscious. This happens when you aren’t open to change, lacking the drive to learn new things, etc

Growing Old with Repression in Communication

All the three -sion terms: Repression, Depression and Regression shuns one from communication. An individual compresses and contracts to half the size on repression. That is when we begin to feel worthless losing our identity. Yes, then you aren’t yourself! 

The flow of communication in repression takes a slower pace initially until it’s completely lost from the system. 

Communication doesn’t mean fluency in any language, it’s simply how well you express and convey. We fail to even return a smile sometimes when these sion’ triplets seize our sub consciousness. Regardless of fluency in language repression in communication can happen to anyone.

We all come across them at least once in a lifetime. Believe me, if tackled well it takes you through several life lessons. Well, the module and methodology of imbibing each lesson is based on discretion. If not dealt with some caution, it matures leaving you immature and unable to cope with this complex yet beautiful world. 

Depression- Dip in Communication

When thoughts and emotions get suppressed, anger and frustration takes the lead. You tend to take the wrong path to vent out feelings and possibly to the wrong person. At times situations may strangle one in the cobwebs of suspicion, fear and helplessness. There will be a serious dip in communication and the brain fails to focus on the most important things in life. For some, this dip may not have much life whereas for others, it becomes happy with the new host forever. When there is a shift in the focus the flow of thoughts and expressions also tends to slacken. 

Repression- Rip in Communication

For how long can you give pressure to an inflated balloon? 

Air has occupied maximum space in the balloon and it bursts at some point surrendering to an external force. It rips apart communication skills. Leave some space in your balloon of presumptions, assumptions and repercussions in life to adapt to the new path.  Asking you to completely avoid these is not practical. When you give some space, fresh air fills in giving time to heal and cure in the long run. This avoids sudden outbursts and unavoidable consequences by simply deflating the balloon of thoughts at its phase.

 Don’t you think that a decent deflation is a much better descend from the peak of pressure? 

Regression- Flip in Communication

When you casually sip the dip in communication allowing it to rip your mind, what more can you expect? 

The condition itself flips over overflowing with eruptions or retrieving to an apprehensive condition. There are changes and chances of permanent breakage in the flow of communication which leads to total breakdown of the body. Regression is generally a tremor created by depression and repression. 

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Defeat Repression in Communication with these urgent tools

  • Develop your confidence and take care of your emotions. Do not worry or work more on it. You are your own workshop so monitor, mend and mold with responsibility. Talk to yourself often, don’t worry, it’s not a sign of madness but avoids sadness in future.

  • At times it’s necessary to suppress and repress our feelings for the good but try the best to talk it out in a convincing style at the convenient time. Things get out of control when we fail to convey in the right manner to the right person as we get excited or tensed ending up corroding everything.

  • We need lot of strength to withstand and feel the strong waves by the shore. Why do you stand there to bear the chill waters??

Simply because you love to feel it!

Love your trespasses and feel every inch of it with a genuine smile. Build up the courage ;by diverting your phase of sadness to phases of happiness. It’s done by simply working out your energy on better things in life. When one door closes always believe that another one;is waiting for you. You just need to find it with the right key to tackle repression in communication. 

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Weightage on Opinions

  • Opinions are corrosive at times, so follow your heart and take the best diversion to avoid suffocation to tackle repression, regression and depression. 

  • Do not let the weight of ego, sloth, jealousy and complex drive you. Avoid comparison and believe that each creation is unique. Uneventful and unnecessary desire to prove oneself is a wrong choice. Success is inevitable when you are slow and steady and this works well with mental progress too. A person in need of mental help should never be considered a problem or a burden with myths and stigmas lurking in the corner of our mind.  

  • It is absolutely fine to feel low, to cry out, to shout out or to tear apart things but be cautious to not fall apart. 


Your mind is like an ocean. There will be many to litter and loiter on the shores of the clear and sparkling waters of your mind. Tides, waves, turbulence could be tumultuous exhausting your body and soul. There will be lot of unexplainable changes happening within but do not worry over it. It is absolutely necessary to clean and revamp the waters and sustain its versatility. Detoxify the toxins and always replenish because there are many who visit by your shores to just admire or relax with you. Let not dissatisfaction and disappointments replace this mighty ocean with a parched land.


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