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Implement these tools at Negative Thought processes

| 3 years ago

Nymphs stringing a garland for you by a clear brook look up and smile at you in unison with a welcome song….

A garland of flowers or a bouquet adorns a person either in life or death to commemorate them in two different worlds-the living and the dead. Flowers are used in appreciation, adoration and agony. So is it a symbol of positive thought process? Or does it ward off negative thought processes?

All of us use whatsapp. Checking the display pictures, skimming on a forwarded message is a pass time for some of us. In this app the recently received messages appears first in the chat list. What if you receive a message that propels negative vibes? You either delete it or ignore it. Try leaving it like that for a few days… What happens? The message gradually ebbs its way down; giving space to new messages in your inbox till it longer is visible as you open the list. Do negative thoughts wade its way in the downward direction??Yes with lot of practice and will power in your thought processes.

What form does negativity take? 

What is a Negative Thought Process?

Anything undesirable or unfavourable is negativity. It takes different forms with varying vibes.

The parameters of these vibes are measured with reference to the individual. A part of it is radiated or shared with others, for instance, when you feel the tremors you are the epicentre of the emotion. So ultimately who decides whether the thought process is a wrap or a wreck?

A negative mindset is a dementor which hovers around to wring the wobbly part of the mind. It is luring and succeeds in accomplishing its mission. More the fear more will be the adherence to its compatible host. 

Of course it’s humanly impossible to take everything with positivity but humanly it is possible to reach perfection with practice on thought processes and patterns.

Impact of Negativity

Weaken the deprived thought processes

On facing a challenging situation our brain releases stress chemicals which are evaluated as negative. This chemical prepares us to take off the flight with a fight ignorant of the landing station. Sometimes the situation becomes too frothy with less fluidity and that’s when we feel pressurized and constrained. Of course, I do not mean to say that one should not respond to abuse or an attack but there is a strategy for this response. These villainous chemicals are experts in shutting down the brain to thought processes which involve logical thinking and reasoning power. And suppose you preconceive your life as a burden then the work of these stress giving chemicals becomes easier. It is responsible for igniting negative thoughts. There may be instances where we react extensively and not act.

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Wave your wand at Negative Thought Processes in 6 steps

Gossips, comments, grin, remarks are some forms which trigger negativity and it leads to higher-order conflicts. These forms are not to be taken with positivity but you can be elusive to definitely slither away. Don’t let it hit you, though you are the target. Let’s stop manufacturing thoughts at the disposal of negativity. If you are happy from within do not take a stand to convince it to anybody and so it doesn’t stand a chance to react also!

Are you ready to wave your wand?

1) A time table or a planning journal is a good method of listing out your plans for the day. Even if you fail to execute a part of it, don’t worry; be happy that you have got yourself to think about it and write it down which is a stepping stone to better thought processes.

2) Be grateful and happy for the blessings in life. List it down especially when you feel lost to you get the starting point. This helps to drive on from where you stopped. These practices trigger so much of energy and enthusiasm to format your system to a holistic positive outlook.

3) When thoughts begin to gather like the clouds in the sky, do not forget that an outpour is not far behind. Dream of how you are going to LIVE the outpour to the fullest.

Renovate your Mind

4) Imagine in tranquillity. Make your fantasies work and revive the innocence in you to imagine far and wide because these would activate the neutrons in the brain initiating the body to act on the unfulfilled dreams.

5) Enjoy giving out the skill in you and take time to groom it every day. The joy of giving is much more than one can fathom. Your brain will be mesmerized with the pleasant memories of giving.

6) Check and change your diet. The energy and the immune system develop from the food we eat and if we feed ourselves with something unworthy then it’s time to revise the diet schedule. 

7) Find time for meditation. Stay calm and enjoy it with your eyes closed. Try talking to your inner being and this caters to numerous solutions flooding your mind. On regular practice, you will choose the right one to every problem.

Deflect and Overcome

Enjoy your worth and do not let any storm of any form disturb this peace. It is natural and obvious to be upset on undeserving repercussions in life, but take up that as a challenge to beat it with beatitudes of positivity. A day will come when the negativity washes away and nullifies on the overwhelming energy in you. Feed your brain with reliable and authentic information and do not yield to what you hear from just any source. 

Impressions and expressions are essential to the recreation of a human being but not at the expense of suppression. It’s damaging when you claim to be positive by taking action on anything which demeans or digress your worth. The sources of negativity has the capability to strewn the effect everywhere until somebody stumbles over it to fumble in future. It is a powerful chain reaction which goes on if not cautious. 

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Chewing the Cud

This life is small and inevitable of pains and struggles. Be prepared for undertones and darker shades of expectations to simply glide on the negative hurdles. Have an objective outlook on any situation and be careful to not overstate and amplify the thoughts. When your mind has preconceived notions it is easier to get entangled in negativity. Generally things aren’t bad as you think and close your eyes to recollect on the unearned blessings that came your way over the undeserved bad phases of your life. The count of the former will be greater!

Toughen up a bit to set right the creases which made you susceptible to negativity. The earlier you train yourself, the better you learn to deal with it. 

You need to understand that our mind is very tricky, to actively think of something that we are trying to forget. It gathers the thoughts which we want to dismiss and is important to understand your essence of being on this planet and that you are not an accident but a life with purpose. Avoid ruminating on the ‘cud’ which cannot be digested and also do not take things too personally. As human beings we all make mistakes and if you are very confident on yourself do not allow others’ errors to be a patch on your graph of success. There is so much of action and enactment going on around you and when you focus on a simple yet precious blessing, such as the air we breathe in. This way successfully extricate negativity from your system.

Pick and choose over the thought proceess

Negativity consumes and corrodes an individual if not immune to it. When you begin to see only the so called ‘problems’, your mind is tuned to further investigate and pick on those.

Let me detail on a common example, why do some people have twinkling eyes when they gossip?

It is a definitely a passion and a pass time for them to discover something from tiny bits and pieces of happenings and then report it to others. This fetches them happiness to devote their time to go and find out what they wish to hear and not what actually has happened. It is indeed very difficult to train the mind to only good things because some feel that there no ‘happenings’ and this makes life boring.

People prefer to hear what they want to hear about others. Seldom those around have got the heart to appreciate to be proud of other’s achievements. If you have a friend or relative as such, you bet it, he or she is a gem!

Human nature generally is seen to compare and contrast and seldom to compliment. These are methods to pacify one to avoid the joy of sharing the fellowship with others.

What happens at the Ground Level?

When you tend to understand this mechanism it is much easier to wade your way through such hindrances. This will help you to take anything to heart and get heated up over the spilled broth. Remember that it takes a lot of dedication and commitment to prepare this bubbling thick and juicy broth and it is too easy for a stranger to spill it. Not all complaints and compliments are genuine. Do not take people for face value as there is a lot hidden within the deep chambers of their intention. Some are good in satirical comments, some in dodging, some in smirking, etc. It is good to observe all these expressions but never be blown away.

When you read about the beautiful nymphs stringing flowers in the beginning of the passage, your mind became pleasant reading it whether you admit or not. What if those nymphs were in rags and looked coarse with hoarse voice, still stringing flowers? Would you retain your gaze at them? You need to be happy because they are tired from working for so long to string those flowers carefully to beautify you!


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