Relationship problems – Signs Your Relationship Is Not Working Anymore

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When you enter into a relationship, in the beginning, everything feels like unicorns and rainbows but as you grow with your partner, both emotionally and physically, you notice changes. These changes may be good or bad and trusting each other is the most important thing in the process. Relationship problems may arise with time and it is natural to combat and conflict. Things usually take time and without trust and faith, it gets difficult. Sometimes the fights and arguments are so eccentric that you feel like you’re clueless and alone. In such a situation, what you really want is clarity and peace.

Committing to someone means taking over responsibility, you’re not only thinking about yourself when you’re making an effortful decision but also of your partner. When you feel like you’re obligated to revert the feelings and responsibilities then that’s a sign that your relationship is not working out. Psst! walk out of it! However, there are some rough phases in every relationship! You can’t possibly predict the future! You might feel as if you’re putting in so much effort to make things work between you and your partner but it may not be the same from the other way round.

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Realisation doesn’t hit you until and unless you don’t want to open your eyes. Denial doesn’t go away easily until you want to seek closure. It’s difficult but putting yourself first is very important. Feelings won’t go away in a blink of an eye and moving on is the hardest part of all. Things take time so don’t push yourself. My advice? The sooner you realise it the better. You can’t control anyone else but you.

Signs Your Partner Is Not Into You

  1. They IGNORE you. You can’t possibly dodge and ignore somebody you deeply feel for. If your partner usually doesn’t pick up your calls or if they can probably go days without talking to you and if they’re starting to develop a forgetful nature then that shows their lack of interest in you. You’re going to be deeply hurt when you come out of this. That’s a sign, loud and clear.
  2. They never INITIATE things with you. It’s always you who wants to travel to this city or go on a date to this restaurant but your partner is always never interested. You’re the one making it exciting while they’re the ones making it boring. Either you’re all in or you’re all out. There is no in-between. It’s very evident that they’re losing interest. Not gonna lie, you have to confront this issue!
  3. They don’t VALUE your opinions. There’s no point arguing with them because they feel like you’re raising nonsense issues and you feel like you’re making a fool out of yourself by sharing what you feel. They don’t listen to what you have to say or how you feel about certain things so if your partner doesn’t value your words how is he/she ever going to value your relationship?!
  4. They don’t want to COMPROMISE. If you’re in a commitment with anybody you have to settle for less sometimes. (Don’t settle for less if you feel like your partner is not the one, though.) You may have to skip that reunion you planned with your friends or you might have to endure their family issues. This is going to become for you in the future if your partner doesn’t understand this.
  5. There’s no EFFORT from their side. I would suggest that if you’re going through this issue then there’s nothing else you need to realise in order to know if your partner feels the same about you or not. They’re not making any effort while you’re investing your time, feelings, and future in your relationship. It can become difficult to come to terms with it but the best thing to do is that you WALK OUT!
  6. They REVERSE-BLAME you for everything. You confront them about something that’s been bothering you for days and instead of weighing the situation by understanding your feelings they try and reverse-blame you in order to put that weight on you. They’ll make you believe that it’s you who’s been doing something the wrong way so that you will have to carry the guilt or their wrongdoings. Guilt-trapping. SERIOUSLY?
  7. They don’t understand your NEEDS. A relationship comprises both emotional and physical connections. Your partner should be able to provide you both. It is necessary that you’re able to talk about anything and everything with your partner, consent plays a big part. There is nothing wrong with admitting that you’re not ready or if you feel like your needs are not being met. If they’re lacking in balancing them both then you should know that your partner is not good enough for you. DUH.
  8. They give you MIXED FEELINGS. One second they’re breaking up and the second they’re ready to sort things out. Now, THIS is not healthy. It creates complications, heated arguments, trust issues, etc. Most importantly, it makes you and your partner toxic to each other. You shouldn’t let the cycle repeat itself time and again just to keep that person from leaving you. I REPEAT, this is not healthy.
  9. They try to COMPARE you with others. No matter how much you try to be perfect for your partner, they still come up with your flaws and try to compare your actions and your feelings with others. Which is both hurting and humiliating. They’ve got no right to tell you how deeply you feel for somebody and so they’re no one to compare you with others. (Nobody’s perfect, but everybody’s perfect in their own ways!) Did you see that coming from the person that you love? Nope, Nope.
  10. They AVOID you. That’s an ultimatum. Actions speak louder than words. They say they love you but do they show you that they love you? It gets hard to trust them and to believe whatever comes out of their mouths. how can somebody be in love and then avoid the person that they love as if they’re running away from something? Yes, they can, if they truly don’t love you. ACCEPT IT!
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Don’t let someone make you question your feelings and your guts, they are doing it to convince you that you’re not good enough while in reality, it’s them. The relationship that you and your partner share does not have to be extraordinary, if anything, just special. Sometimes things don’t turn out to be as perfect as you thought of them to be, and it’s fine as long as your partner truly and genuinely wants you in his/her life. Your heart cannot undo what’s already done but don’t be blindsided. Use your brain, are THEY good enough? Do THEY treat you the way you should be treated? Is it really WORTH it? If not, get past it and move on. Relationship complications sometimes teach you a lesson, never forget them.

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You should be with somebody who makes you feel more alive and in your element. People find it easy to commit and hard to implement. You should find yourself somebody who’s not only your partner but also a friend in need. It is very necessary that you get to know them as a person and give them time to know you. For example, your favourite dish, your best memory, your dreams, etc. The most beautiful thing is the feeling of safety and contentment that you feel with your the-one. You need to stop finding that in every soul you meet. Good things come inevitably.

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You will find somebody who pours in their everything in a relationship, somebody who notices your little things and remembers them, somebody who always brings out the best in you and somebody who makes you feel positive about yourself. Keep in mind, that if your partner is not into you, then you should walk out of that toxicity ASAP. Moving on is the cruelest part but it also means that you believe in yourself, in what the world has to offer.
I assure you, time is the key.


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