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Mental health refers to the state of our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It impacts the way we feel, think and act, making it important in all areas of our lives. In the following article we will be discussing some of the most popular quotes on mental health and will try to understand their true meaning.

Well, what happens when we really don’t allow the impact to be felt on us??? It really requires a lot of will power and fortitude to deflect an impact instead of reflecting on it.At last, many have taken toddler steps to begin caring for their heath these days. Whether the disease is with ‘spikes’ or not, we all are assured these days that health is wealth. 

And, mental health is the key to this wealth!

To support and enlighten a point we all use quotes. And the one from your own desk has more flavour! This article will give you the simple key to unlock the chambers to be a ‘living quote’ of mental strength. Mental wellbeing does not charge until plugged in! These precious gems are up to each individual to discover and own it. Your presence will never be felt without the essence of a rhythmic, tuned and pitched mental status. However, the question is WHO poses as an impediment to one’s mental health??

Each of us has a name, a reason, season, treason to point our fingers at. 


You are responsible for your mental strength… .. 

quotes for mental health

Let me explicate on this and take you through a simple lucid therapy as you read this article and detoxify to be a living Q-U-O-T-E through a set of quotations that you must read today!

Q(qualify)- U(unify)- O(observe)- T(thrive)- E(efficient)

Meanwhile, find a comfortable place, have a calm mind to listen to your voice as you read. 

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QUALIFY To Be the Carrier

Hey, there is absolutely no pressure to your qualification as long you don’t pressurise yourself to erupt the residue of a bad temperament like a ferocious volcano! 

A positive attitude will have positive reaction because attitudes are contagious. Be the carrier !!
(Zig Zagler)

When you are the carrier of positivity you aid in the generation of dopamine. This is a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward system and pleasure center.  It allows you to focus, it also gives you time for meta cognition. 

This doesn’t mean to be abnormally optimistic by being stationary when a dilapidated ceiling fan is about to fall over your head!   Hoping for the good is the basic qualification for a good mental health. It habituates your thoughts from good to better and eventually the best will come to you .  It’s simply tuning your inner being to adapt for a purposeful change. If everything happens for a cause then it happens for a reason too.  Be the carrier of these vibes even when you are surrounded by a group of murky, shady, ignorant and deficit people. 

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UNIFY to break Ego

The ego seeks to divide and separate but spirit seeks to unify and heal
(Pema Chodron)

Imagine calling a friend for a walk and abandoning him at the junction of a happening and unfamiliar place. Yes Google map comes as a helpline but if it guides you to another dreary crossroad, there the helpline turns out helpless! 

At times maps, guides and counseling may go wrong when concerned with mental health. 

This junction is the place where your Soul, Mind, Body meets to shape a healthy spirit. When one feeds the body with junk, mind with filth and soul with temptation the junction becomes always busy leaving no room for introspection. 

This is the current scenario in most of our lives. Do not avoid the inner cry for help and tag them as mere yearnings! 

Allow the fragmented part of your life to be unified and give some time and space to restore yourself. Trust and then see the magic of a holistic and reunited spirit. 

OBSERVE for a Fuller Experience

Man should seek lessons from a child on observational skills. As a child matures into an adult, mental health usually deteriorates as he gets engulfed in the maddening and masked crowd! 

Literarily we all wear a mask these days for our protection. The difference is, earlier we wore masks of artificiality which hid our identity and true faces! 

Admiring, ogling, gazing, looking etc. are tributaries of observation and necessarily do not take the same path into the same ocean! 

Observe to distinguish and decode the values and choices of life. You’ll surely listen to your inner being when you observe anything or anybody. It helps to rectify, reconcile and restore oneself. This is an ability which many of us are lacking these days as per psychological case study research conducted in California. 

This answers the rise in depressive, suppressive and repressive cases. 

The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.

The Hawthorne Effect in Psychoanalysis, also called the Observer Effect, led to a whole era of research that attempted to control for the effect an observer can have on an experiment.

Direct observation techniques allow for a more systematic, structured process, using well-designed observation record forms. The main advantage of direct observation is that an event, institution, facility, or process can be studied in its natural setting, thereby providing a richer understanding of the subject.

There is no assessment happening here. It’s pure richness to analyse oneself and be decisive in life. Observational skill is a solution to many unanswered problems to learn and re-learn from the exemplars of certain and uncertain lives around us. 

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THRIVE amidst Adversity

You aren’t what have happened to you but you are how you’ve overcome it.
(Beau Taplin)

 Dance on the thorns till your feet bleed and purge you of the problem. Remember that you are awesome and created to thrive where you are planted. 

If it’s a parched desert, be a cactus with thorns. Rough and tough with a supple heart and lavish with water to stay hydrated all through your life. 

A new study conducted in 2019, shows that people who thrive are mentally happier than those who survive even within the most opulent zones. Success is not opulence but ‘thriving on thorns’ revives one with opulence.  Adapting to a situation or a circumstance trains us to tackle and thread meaningful strings of purposeful lives.  This in turn, makes our core-self happy. There is no requirement to be accountable to anybody for the state of your inner satisfaction but yourself.

When you learn to thrive you are automated to be a carrier of positivity!

EFFICIENCY over Affluence

What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor and more unashamed conversation.
(Glen Close)

Man has devolved to run on heads and toes for an affluent stature. Why? Some gets bookings of new FACES, TWEETS more often, in every GRAM of a second a heart falls on an instant shot, with a casual ‘What’s up dude?!…This entrails almost every monomaniacal form of communication. Each one of us are self-sufficient as long as we have something to share, like and comment.

It is great!

Change the gear to win accolades for a permanent stature. Affluence is transitory but efficiency see is permanent. A health study conducted by Harvard shows that comparison is a major cause for people to choose affluence over efficiency. 

Finally if you have decided to evolve check if you are 

 – a Qualified carrier of positivity 

 -a Unified and unique self

 -an Observer 

 -a Thriving soul 

The fourth stage is reached only when your crossroads and junctions are at peace where the body, mind and soul merge to become an EFFICIENT person. 

In conclusion, overflow and simply pour out love, kindness, joy and conversation to all. Be not ashamed of appearing different from the lot and yes you may be the black sheep!Remember that other white sheep will be soon chosen for its wool and meat. You still have time to Qualify, Unify, Observe, Thrive and be Efficient to be ‘a living QUOTE’ of mental power to the world!! 



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