Boosting your Mental Health during Pandemic

| 1 year ago

The world is dealing with a pandemic, which is increasing at an alarming rate. This pandemic has brought several challenges. Serious challenge which is being focused is mental health issues. The lock down period had disrupted the lifestyle of several people they were in the habit of. This change in lifestyle could prove a blessing for some people, but for others it could be experienced as a curse. Staying indoors for a very long time surely affects your mental health. How can we come out of this situation? How to maintain mental health? Is there any way to accomplish it? So many questions! 

Especially teenagers who are in the habit of staying out for a long time, there can be a great fluctuation in mental health. People start to become restless, anxiety surrounds the mind, which is not a good sign for the mind. Managing your mental health during a pandemic is just as important as your well – being. So, take steps to address your psychological well – being as well. If you are not able to take care of your mind as well as your emotions, a decline can be noticed in your mental health. 

Boosting your Mental Health during Pandemic

Why does pandemic affect mental health? 

Several ways are there which can trigger your mental health. Some reasons may be small, some may be big. Nobody knows! If you are aware of the factors which cause decline in mental health you can take some steps to fight against the issue. 


Every now and then there is a fear of catching a virus in mind. This fear leads to stress. Several questions pop up in mind: How to pay bills? How to manage family? During this lockdown all business got shut off. And it’s a little bit difficult to continue once more, so this problem creates stress in people. How to start business once more? 

It’s not so easy, you have to deal with a lot of practical problems and uncertainty. 

Indoor Sickness

During this pandemic people are working from home. They can’t go out as most social gatherings and events are cancelled. Routine is totally disrupted. Staying inside for a long period will make you restless and cause anxiety. If emotions or changes are kept unaddressed, there is a chance of decline in mental health. No certainty could be seen for the longevity of the pandemic. This could majorly decline mental health. 

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No Social Contact

During this pandemic there is a lack of social contact among people. Some are away from family members, friends, and co-workers. Many live online and are not able to see anyone face to face. So, the only option left is to contact social media via texting, video calls, but till when? Everyone can’t be reached by this way also. Decrease in social contact causes decline in mental health. 

People who are struggling from depression, anxiety, or other mental illness before pandemic, are the people in whom symptoms intensify during stressful times. And during this time so much stress is there, mental illness is at a high level. Even the people who were not suffering from these illnesses before are also being affected too much. Then just imagine for those who are suffering from before! 

Steps to Boost your Mental Health

You are lucky, as there are various steps by which you can improve your mental health even in the situation of pandemic. But, you have to address your emotions every day. 

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Being Physically Active

Physical activeness is a crucial step for maintaining good health, approved in research also. Now it’s up to you how will you incorporate it in your daily routine? Plenty of time is there as you are at home. You might think how to workout without gyms? It is always not possible to workout in gyms only, it can be done at home also. Without any equipment also you can do workout. Just surf the internet and you will get several ideas regarding this! Depending on the rules in your area – you can go out to exercise as well as for walking, if allowed. This can improve your mental health. 

Writing thoughts on paper

Always pen down your writings as well as thoughts on a piece of paper. It could help a lot. Discuss your written thoughts with your loved ones and see the change in your mental health. If this practice is carried out for an extended period, the mind will become productive as well as calm. Make a habit of writing life’s incidents. 

Focus on yourself

Don’t you have the desire to start something new or to learn something new? Now is the time to do all that. You can start reading books, learn to play instruments. By this step you are a step back to take stress. Focusing on yourself and finding ways to use time for yourself are a great way. 


Meditation helps to clear the mind of all unnecessary thoughts and make it calm and clear. So, it is very necessary to meditate once in a day to fight mental health issues. By this you can become more aware and concentration power is also boosted up. And you feel relaxed and energy driven. 

If all these steps are followed, then surely you will be able to boost up your mental health during a pandemic situation. Thinking about those things which are not in your control won’t do any good. It’s important to think about the things which are under your control like the safety of your family. Don’t take the worse side of the pandemic, take the better side. Someday, you would be recounting your days during a pandemic. It’s possible that you will be telling a story to your coming generation about how you survive and how you manage your finances? 

At one point of time these restrictions would end. Problems which are stressing you now will not cause any trouble to your mind in future. Try to look at a bigger picture! This perspective will surely help you to cope up with your mental health. Mental health should be a top priority during times of high stress. Don’t slow it down! If your mental health is good then you can cope up with all difficulties even in the time of pandemic. 

If you are not able to take care of yourself first, then how will you take care of others. “

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