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Surya Namaskar Benefits for Eudaimonia

| 3 years ago

Many people ask me about Surya Namaskar’s benefits. The times have changed. People want to know a lot about things. But Surya Namaskar is something which I feel that kids to the elderly should know about it. The Surya Namaskar benefits are amazing. But people feel that it’s very tough and it gives no results. Well, that’s just a myth. I would endorse Surya Namaskar always as well as the benefits are several and mind-blowing.

People need to get out of traditional exercise methods. I know traditional exercise methods like jogging, brisk walking, etc. are beneficial. But we need to get adjusted to the modern world. Also, once you know the new types of exercise you will get hooked to them. Today there are so many exercises like Zumba, kickboxing, yoga, etc. These have become popular because there are marvelous results. Even Surya Namaskar’s benefits are superb. You may be wondering what is it? Don’t stress I will be filling you up with detailed knowledge about it. So here we go.


Yoga refers to transferring towards reality. The word implies union. Union typically means that it often carries you to a definitive reality, wherever singular indications of life square measure surface air pockets throughout the time spent in creation. Yoga progresses towards an associate experiential reality that includes a definitive nature of the presence, however, it’s created. If it turns into associate experiential reality, it will not deliver any juvenile activity. it’ll deliver a vast encounter of life. Individuality may be a thought. Comprehensiveness is not a thought; it’s a reality. As such, Yoga implies you cowl all of your thoughts.

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The International Day of Yoga has been celebrated yearly on June twenty-one Gregorian calendar month since 2015, following its commencement among the global organization General Assembly in 2014. Yoga may be a physical, mental, and transcendental observation that started in India. The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, in the UN, gave the date of June twenty-one Gregorian calendar month, as a result of it signifies the longest day of the year among the hemisphere and offers an unprecedented position in various components of the planet. Yoga has several asanas. Their area unit several advantages of various asanas mentally moreover as physically.

Also, I would give you knowledge about Surya Namaskar’s benefits. So, brace yourself up to know more.

Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar

Numerous individuals feel that the ‘Surya Namaskar’, or the sun salutation as it is called in English, is only an activity that fortifies your back and your muscles. However, individuals frequently neglect to understand that it is a finished exercise for your whole actual framework, one that doesn’t need the utilization of any hardware. It likewise helps us in breaking from the comprehensive and dull schedules of our lives.

This asana needs to be one correctly and then only it revamps your life. At the same time, it doesn’t mean that you do the Surya Namaskar for two days and then feels nothing has changed. It is not a syrup that you drink and find results in two to three days. Due to this notion, people stop doing Surya Namaskar. As they feel there is no outcome. The results to show will take time and you need to have patience.

Facts About Surya Namaskar

1. This came into being as a region of a ritual throughout the Vedic period to pay homage to the dawn, the light, and also the sun.

2. Initially this was done outdoors facing to the east as this was to give reverence to the sun

3. There are many variations of the Sun Salutation

4. The basic has only half a dozen postures which have movements of the body towards North, East, West, and South

Aren’t these fascinating folks? I am certain you would like to have more knowledge of Surya Namaskar benefits. Are you curious to know more? You are concerned about your health, right? I’ll provide precise and clear details. However, before that, you desire to know about Surya Namaskar.

Key Points to Remember


In this area, one needs to have details that one has to remember.


Yoga garments or loose pajamas and a loose kind of top. As you would like to be terribly comfortable doing it


Initially, after you begin doing Surya Namaskar your body will tend to pain for successive days and this is considered normal. Do not stop doing it once it’s painful. You need to try doing the asana. The pain most probably goes within 2 days.


Before you begin you should indulge in exercises like a cardiopulmonary exercise in one place or sit-ups. This is often vital like throughout the rains, it becomes troublesome to unlock doors with keys and you need to put oil on the key to unlock the door. The same method for our body to become versatile warm-ups should be done prior to Surya Namaskar


Please see that you simply have a yoga mat for doing the asanas. This mat is essential for any yoga asanas. It protects the one that will do yoga from slipping on the surface while doing the asanas. It acts as a form of insulation between the bottom that is the surface of the ground and the body. This obstructs any reduction of warmth, charge, or energy from the body towards the ground, and this leads to giving thermo- insulation.

Different parts of the day:

Surya Namaskar will be done as per your convenience at any part of the day. However, the foremost fitting and profitable time are at dawn since that’s the purpose that the sunbeams rejuvenate your body and spruce up your psyche. Rehearsing it within the early evening empowers your body straight off, whereas activity, it at fall causes you to relax.

Time limit:

As a beginner, five minutes is enough. However, as you get adjusted you’ll be able to indulge in doing Namaskar in ten minutes to a half-hour.

Many times:

As a beginner five sets, of Surya Namaskar per week are nice. However the second week, you’ll be able to do ten sets of Surya Namaskars. Some folks do even a hundred Surya Namaskar once more again, they’re professional at it. This can take time. If one is going to ask me about,” what proportion you do?” I do twenty Surya Namaskars.


So, are you’ll ready to get to know some flabbergasting Surya Namaskar benefits? Don’t think much you will get descriptive and detailed information here. I will make you a pro by giving you a precise and clear knowledge of it. Come, let’s find out.

Surya Namaskar Benefits

Weight Loss:

Weight Loss

Don’t you want to lose that flab? The answer is we all want to lose weight. People who have a slender figure too want to lose weight. Most importantly, we all want to stay fit. We all want to get into that smaller size clothes. In the malls or online site, we all go to check the small size outfit first and then later pick the one that originally is our size. So, the Surya Namaskar benefits will help you to get into those outfits you always eyed.

By doing this exercise it turns out to be a cardio-exercise which paves the way to lose weight. Your abdominal muscles get stretched due to its postures which leads to getting rid of the belly fat and the bonus is it elevates one’s metabolism too. This asana is a full-body workout. This will help you to burn out oodles of calories. For example, 30 minutes of Surya Namaskar benefit’s you by burning 416 calories as compared to running for the same amount of time which will lead to burning 414 Calorie

Radiant Skin:

Radiant Skin

Another Surya Namaskar benefit is it helps in boosting blood circulation. This leads to bringing radiant skin. Your skin will get its glow back. Also, you will look younger than your age as it helps in preventing age-related problems to the skin and one does not get wrinkles too. There will be no inflammation and breakouts on your skin.

Improves Digestive System:

Digestive System

Do you want your digestive system to improve? Then hold your breath as improvement in the digestive system is also Surya Namaskar’s benefit. In the digestive tract, there will be a rise in blood flow due to this asana which in turn will lead to your intestines functioning better. This asana helps you to ease out your gas which happens due to different reasons and that gas makes you feel uneasy.

Regularize Periods:

Regularise Periods

This Surya Namaskar benefits, particularly helpful for women. This asana will regulate your periods. This asana has the perks of easing childbirth too. Surya Namaskar has done regularly will strengthen the muscles of your abdomen and there will be a fall in the pain that you experience during your periods.

A Decrease in Levels of Blood Sugar:

Blood Sugar

Surya Namaskar benefits in decreasing your sugar levels. So, like this, it is also helpful for diabetics and also for those who don’t want to get diabetes. We all have a desire that we should not get diabetes. As that can destroy a person’s body. So, Surya Namaskar will help you in fulfilling your desire.

Solution for Anxiety:


Surya Namaskar’s benefits are both physical as well as mental too. It helps in having a good memory and the nervous system’s better functioning too. This asana has a calming effect on you and eventually aids in getting rid of anxiety. So those people who have anxiety do not resort to medicines first. Try Surya Namaskar and I’m sure you will have marvelous benefits.

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Detoxing the Body:

This also assists in maintaining efficient and effective procedures of exhalation and inhalation. This happens because the lungs get adequate ventilation as well as a fresh oxygen supply to the blood. Therefore, this results in getting the body detoxified by removing carbon dioxide and various other toxic gases from our body.

Gets rid of Insomnia:


Surya Namaskar benefits the person by having good sleep hygiene. This aids in keeping one’s mind calm which results in a sound sleep at night. So, those people who complain about insomnia or have sleeping pills to induce sleep should surely try this asana. It will help you a lot.

Aren’t these amazing Surya Namaskar benefits? Also, this asana you can do at home. If it’s beneficial for you then definitely you can take some time out and spend doing this workout. We all need to be physically and mentally active. So, then we should adopt this exercise. Also, it will be beneficial in the long run too. Now you may be thinking, but how to do it? We don’t know how to do this asana. Don’t worry, I will tell you the elaborate process of doing Surya Namaskar. So, what are you waiting for? Come, let’s read further.

Detailed Procedure of Surya Namaskar

Procedure for Surya Namaskar

Posture 1: Pranamasana

Firstly, you need to be having a posture while standing is upright. Keep your hands on both sides of your body like this your shoulders will broaden and relax. Now inhale deeply and take your both hands up and exhale while you bring your hands down making a namaste pose with your hands.

Posture 2: Hastauttasana

Be in the namaste posture, then raise it up and towards the back. Gently inhale and towards your ears get your biceps. Your whole body should stretch.

Posture 3: Padahastasana

Then bend forward by exhaling to touch the floor with your hands and at the same time keep your back straight. For those who are finding it difficult or are beginners, they can bend their knees so that they can touch the floor with their palms

Posture 4: Ashwa Sanchalanasana

Towards the chest, bend your right knee and your left leg should be taken towards the back. Inhale deeply while raising your head. Do not do it in a rush. Do it slowly.

Posture 5: Parvatasana

On the mat, you must lie flat and your tummy should face the ground then inhale and lift your waist which should be inverted and should be ‘V’, and by doing this exhale. If you can, then you can keep your heels on the ground.

Posture 6: Dandasana

Here you need to get your right leg towards the back and your upper body should be balanced on your palms. On the mat, your toes should be firm while on the floor your arms should be perpendicular.

Posture 7: Ashtanga Namaskara

Your knees should be brought down to the floor and your hips should be pushed towards the back. Rest your chin and chest onto the floor while sliding forward.

Posture 8: Bhujangasana

Bring your hips down and lift your chest. The lower body should be down on the ground and hands should bend. At the same time, you should look at the ceiling. The lower body is on the ground and one’s upper body will be in the air.

Posture 9: Parvatasana

Now you will repeat the same posture of Parvatasana as it is cyclic

Posture 10: Ashwa Sanchalanasana

Do the Ashwa Sanchalanasana with your left leg, which will be forwarded.

Posture 11: Padahastasana

You have to follow again the posture of Padahastasana

Posture 12: Hastauttanasana

You have to repeat the posture of Hastauttanasana

My god so much Surya Namaskar does and we were unaware all this time regarding this.   We always felt this will not benefit us. But today, you’ll come to know celebrities why do they love this? As I mentioned we all want to look young. Surya Namaskar helps us to make us younger than our age not only physically but also mentally. So, what are you waiting for? When are you going to start? Don’t you want to look younger than your age and also maintain yourself?  Ponder over it and you know what you have to do be young again.


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