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Dr. Pritika Gonsalves

(@Dr. Pritika Gonsalves)

Hi!! I'm Dr. Pritika Gonsalves. I'm a Child Psychologist by profession. But I love reading novels. I love to write about different cuisines, various cultures, traveling, mental health, etc. I feel my knowledge should be useful and aid the other individuals in their lives too.

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Art Therapy Ideas That Rejuvenate One’s Life

'Art Therapy Ideas That Rejuvenate One’s Life'

Do you know any art therapy ideas? No, you don't know any of the art therapy ideas? Moreover, the world is moving at a faster pace and you have no information about art therapy. In addition, this has led to so many of us being unaware. But, there are many therapies that exist. Also, rectify ou...

Surya Namaskar Benefits for Eudaimonia

'Surya Namaskar Benefits for Eudaimonia'

Many people ask me about Surya Namaskar's benefits. The times have changed. People want to know a lot about things. But Surya Namaskar is something which I feel that kids to the elderly should know about it. The Surya Namaskar benefits are amazing. But people feel that it's very tough and it gives n...

5 Gobsmacking Cooking Ways in Pandemic

'5 Gobsmacking Cooking Ways in Pandemic'

Can you get the aroma of the scrumptious food cooking? Wow! It is so appetizing the fragrance of divine food. This pandemic has increased hunger pangs. We are in the house and want to munch on something yummy now and then. Our savior in this time of pandemic is the gas and microwave oven. Otherwise,...