About us

For reader
Meteorio.com is a platform for people to read and write on various topic.Topics here means anything that you are expert in or anything that you find very fascinating to talk about.We are a team based in kolkata, West bengal , working day and night to make sure you can read the best contents.The primary focus of Meteorio is to provide a platform for people like you and us , to write and read .Listening to things rather than reading it line by line is more convenient, isn’t it? , for that reason we also create videos which are either hosted on third party servers like youtube or are hosted on our servers

For writers
If you find something very interesting and you were always willing to share your thoughts with the world, here is a great chance to make your dream come to reality, Let the world know your thoughts. Writing on Meteorio is always a win-win situation for you, here are few points you can consider

  • You get a chance to share your thoughts with millions of people on internet
  • You need not to leave your current job for writing, it just needs fews hours of your day and you can portray your thoughts into words
  • You also get to write sponsored articles , but for that you must be popular enough to attract sponsors and you need to have decent number of people following you

If you find this convincing,or you have any feedback or related query, you can email us at contact@meteorio.com