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Income Tax on Intraday Share Trading Profit or loss [FY 2019-20]

Involvement in share market leads to two type of income: Business Income Capital Gain A person can have both the above incomes and these are taxable with few variations. Income will be termed as a capital gain when an investor takes the delivery of shares. Depending on the period of holding C...

How to Open Basic Saving Account (BSBDA) with SBI (State Bank of India)

'How to Open Basic Saving Account (BSBDA) with SBI (State Bank of India)'

During the financial year 2017-18, India’s largest bank SBI had earned Rs. 1,772 crores as a fee for non-maintenance of minimum balance in the bank account. Many of us felt frustrated on this issue. Reserve bank had directed the bank's to provide no-frills account way back in Nov 2005 and subseq...