Sweetening benefits of chocolates

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It is the most indelible part of one’s diet irrespective of age. Some cannot live without it. I would advise you to relish it when on a diet. Mothers can effortlessly slip a piece into a child’s mouth. Children just love it. Yes I am talking about chocolates!

Let’s delve into the benefits of chocolates before we completely avoiding them from our routine.

There are a lot of misconceptions and presumptions on chocolates. Eventually, this has created more illusions in all. Moreover, you might be neglecting one of the most nutritious parts of your diet. So why not rectify it right now and right here?

Who wouldn’t love to steal a bite of it?

Consmue it mindfully and say yes to chocolates.

Brands don't make it more nutritious!

We all love to tag the chocolate brands. And we also do have our favorites. The nutritional value does not change with the brand. Dark chocolates have more antioxidants.Consuming them is a wise choice. The types of chocolates include milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate. Often people get confused with the types and the brands. The crude form of chocolate has got its advantages over other types. Dark chocolates rank high in this aspect. It is important to know the benefits of chocolates before you unwrap the wrapper and deck it into your mouth. Well, the creamy and slushy feeling of it melting in the mouth is ravishing. It’s a complete feeling.

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Milk chocolates has got a lot of sugar in it. This attracts bacteria in the mouth. It causes cavities as they stick easily to the teeth and gums.

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A Story in the pages of History

Many centuries ago, chocolates existed in a very different form in Mesoamerica. People prepared a thick frothy concoction from the cocoa beans. This form was similar to dark and bitter cocoa drink. It was not so appealing but their tongues got used to this drink.

You must be wondering why the Mesoamericans did not grumble over their taste buds. This is because they believed that cocoa was a gift from their Gods. In fact, cocoa had so much significance in their society. This was used in rewarding people. Chocolate chips and drink became an important part of royal gatherings.

Rise to Fame

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The practice of inviting royal guests strengthened the bond between countries. Gradually this gained popularity. Kings passed a bill to establish plantations by importing slaves. This prestigious ritual gained popularity over time. The form of chocolate changed with the introduction of the cocoa press in Amsterdam. This process refined the cocoa drink on the separation of cocoa fat. Now you know how this refined form took shape. This evolution also included some benefits of chocolates in the long run.

The most beneficial one

When you shop for chocolates grab the one with a minimum of 70% cocoa in it. Anything of less content than that is simply sugar consumption eluding the benefits of chocolates in your diet. Therefore, the higher the percentage of dark chocolate lower would be the sugar intake. For example, if you consume just one square of the big slab your intake of sugar is just 1 gram. So plan accordingly!

Another most important factor is the good riddance to oil. Dark chocolates supposedly have no oil content other than cocoa and cocoa butter. Of course, you don’t prefer to have sugar and oil! The oil acts as an emulsifier to make it creamier. So make a better choice when you pick on chocolate next time. And you are not going to eat a full organic bar of dark chocolate in a day!

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Types of Chocolates

Before we make the final decision let me brief you on the types of chocolates available in the market. The world has become increasingly health-conscious these days and there are certain things which we should be aware of. Let me give a rough idea of why dark chocolate is the best from the lot.

Milk Chocolate

This type has just 10% of crude chocolate with sugar and other ingredients. This is sweeter and softer. It consists of cooked milk, caramelized sugar, and variable amounts of vanilla extract too. Yes, those who love condensed milk cannot resist milk chocolate. There is indeed a connection between the two. The first milk chocolate was prepared by the confectioner Daniel Pete from condensed milk.

White Chocolate

The name is self-explanatory and the type has no solid cocoa content at all. The ivory-colored chocolate is prepared by blending sugar, cocoa butter, lecithin, etc.

Bitter Chocolate

It is not as bad as you think. Yes, it is bitter but some of you already love it. This type has a high percentage of cocoa in it with a rough texture. Pairing with dark chocolate it gained popularity due to the health benefits of chocolates. 

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Do not add this chocolate all by itself for cooking. It should be mixed with other types to avoid an excess of bitter taste in the recipe.

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Medicinal Benefits

We may get lost in benefits of chocolates as it’s endless. But let me sketch the most vital ones to inculcate the habit of consuming it. 

Chocolates have got a long history of progression through different cultures and traditions.

Those who consume dark chocolates have got happy news. Your brain stays young on consuming it as it helps to regulate the brain functioning process. There is a possibility that your brain retards itself on aging but dark chocolate helps you overcome all that. 

Generally, we avoid chocolates as it increases weight. This is not the case with dark chocolates. It reduces weight. Always consult with a dietician on its course of consumption. Diabetic patients are to strictly take medical advice before having it.

The research studies conducted in Los Angeles shows that those who consume dark chocolates are likely to stay slim than others.

Taste Buds

Your taste buds wouldn’t prefer bitter, sweet, and salty foods if you consume dark cocolates regularly. So I don’t have to detail on how it regulates your weight! 

Those who consume milk chocolates are found to have cravings for all types of food

Dark chocolateshave a higher content of Fibre. This reduces the possibility of heart attack, diabetes, a nervous disorder, etc.

Getting the desired outcome

Remember that a quick positive result is seen with regular exercise and dark chocolate consumption. Therefore you become a sponge by simply absorbing all the benefits of chocolates.

People suffering from migraines should be extra careful while consuming dark chocolates. Please be cautious to seek medical advice.

Boost your Brain

The health benefits of chocolates on your brain are inevitable. Cocoa content and antioxidants have flavanols which help in metacognitive skills. This also gives a bitter taste to dark chocolates. Consuming ounces of dark chocolate decreases flavanol levels. In turn, it decreases pressure on the brain. New Science advises people to replace cravings for solid food with dark chocolates. It is healthy and helps you control your diet as well! 

Just push a Nano nibble of a square from the big slab into your mouth. Allow it to swish and swirl with your tongue. This act makes one content and you forget all about having more. Just relish this act of consuming a small portion. You won’t long for more. It is a simple mental process involved here.

Skin and Chocolates

Try a healthy chocolate face mask once a week to get enhanced bright skin. The anti-aging properties of chocolate reduce wrinkles. Blemishes vanish over the long-term use of chocolate masks. A rich mixture of honey, almond oil, milk, cocoa powder rejuvenates the tired skin with a glossy finish. 

An extra tip!

You may have 7-8 squares of dark chocolate a day. Try to have to 30 minutes before your regular course of meal. The cocoa butter present in the chocolate controls food cravings. 

Remember to taste the chocolate instead of swallowing it. Dark chocolates are bitter but I will help you with them. You have got to feel every crumb of it to get the hidden sweet taste over the bitterness. The neuron reflex system trains your taste buds to slowly and steadily consume it.

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What is so special about Dark Chocolates?

The high cocoa content in dark chocolates has soluble Fiber. Now let’s take a quick look at its constituents. 

It has got iron, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, potassium, selenium with some essential minerals. This doesn’t mean that you transform into any metal after having dark chocolate!

The fatty acid level in this type is unsaturated with low levels of caffeine. 

The bitterness assures a sweet lifestyle with a lot of benefits on chocolates. 

Nothing is impossible with practice and determination. The internet is filled with a lot of websites. This includes frothy, creamy, and thick recipes with dark chocolates. The famous ones are smoothies, tarts, and desserts. Train your system from today to grab the most healthy and beneficial slab on your next shopping. I am sure that there will be more benefits to chocolates than the ones listed above. An outline like this article would basically good beginning to break all stereotypes surrounding chocolates. 

So simply break all wrong notions and why neglect this nutritious part of the diet! 


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