Stages of breast cancer that you don’t know about

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What breast cancer term means? It is a type of cancer which occurs in the breast and is very dangerous. Cancer starts when the cells grow out of control and it’s high time we understand both breast cancer and the stages of breast cancer. It usually forms a tumour that can be seen on an X-ray. It’s not like that breast cancer entirely occurs in women, it sometimes occurs in men too. It’s really very important to understand breast cancer. In today’s era, breast cancer is frequently diagnosed and life-threatening cancer in women. 

In the past years, breast cancer has caused many deaths worldwide. Many questions arise in mind: How is cancer spread? What are the symptoms and causes of this disease? How are cancer cells formed? No full stop on questions! Cancer cells are formed due to mutation of RNA Or DNA. If you are aware of this disease then they might be knowing it’s staged, but those who are not aware of this disease, for them the introduction of breast cancer stages are necessary. So, let’s ponder upon the stages of breast cancer. 

Stages of breast cancer

Many of the patients would be eager to know the exact stage of cancer. Breast cancer is divided into stages. How are the stages determined? Breast cancer stages are dependent on cancer’s characteristics like it’s size. So, let’s discuss the stages of breast cancer! 

Stage 0

Stage 0, or called non-invasive breast cancer. It is the stage in which the disease is present only in the ducts of breast tissue, and fortunately not spreading to surrounding tissue. In this stage, the chance of breast cancer diagnosis is early. 

Stage I

Coming to this stage, cancer becomes invasive, the cells break free to attack healthy tissues. Divided into subcategories. Want to know them! 

  • Stage IA- In this category, the measurement of the tumour is up to 2 centimetres. The best point is that cancer does not spread outside the breast, no involvement of lymph nodes is detected. 
  • Stage IB- No detection of tumour in the breast, instead of tumour cancer cells are present in small groups which do not range larger than 2mm.

Stage II

In this stage of cancer, it is possible that cancer has grown, spread, or both. This stage also is divided into subcategories. 

  • Stage IIA- In this stage of cancer, breast tumour is still small, if present. No cancer in lymph nodes, or have spread to as many cells as possible. 
  • Stage IIB- In this, the breast tumour is bigger, as the size of a walnut. It might be present in lymph nodes or not. 

Stage III

Fortunately, in this stage cancer is not able to spread to bones or organs. After this, you will become happy, but it’s a waste as it is considered advanced, and harder to fight. This stage is also divided into subcategories. 

  • Stage IIIA- In this category cancer has found in up to nine lymph nodes and that forms a chain from underarm to collarbone. It is also possible that cancer has spread to or even enlarged lymph nodes deeply. 
  • Stage IIIB- In this type tumour has grown in the chest region or around the breast’s skin. 
  • Stage IIIC- In this category cancer has reached up to 10 or more lymph nodes, or spread above and below of the collar bone. In this category, fewer lymph nodes are affected outside the breast but inside ones become enlarged and even cancerous. 

Stage IV

This stage is the most dangerous stage as cancer cells spread to bones, lungs, brain, and liver. This stage is also called ‘metastatic’ which means it starts to spread beyond the region of the body from where it was first found. 

So, these were the stages of breast cancer which leave a person in a horrifying state. Don’t panic at all, just keep patience. As now the cases of breast cancer are declining due to proper treatment and medication. 

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Stages of breast cancer

TNM staging system

This system performs as the most common tool for doctors to describe the stages. Results are being used by doctors from diagnostic tests and go thoroughly through the tests to scan the answers of questions:

  • Tumour (T) – How large is the tumour in the breast? What is it’s biomarkers? 
  • Node (N) – Has the tumour spread to lymph nodes? If spread, then where, how many, and of what size? 
  • Metastasis (M) – Has cancer spread to other body parts? 

Tumor (T)

“T” letter or number (0 to 4) used to describe the size and tumour location. Higher the number of T means a larger tumour and wider spread of cancer cells to tissues. 

TX – Primary tumor not accessible. 

TO – Primary tumor is not detected. 

T1 – Includes T1a, T1b, and T1c. Tumor is 2cm or less. 

T2 – Size of tumor is greater than 2cm but not more than 5cm.

T3 – Tumor size is more than 5cm.

T4 – Includes T4a, T4b, T4c, and T4d. Inflammatory breast cancer is included. 

Node (N) 

“N” by number (0 to 3) indicates the spreading of cancer to lymph nodes. 

NX – Nearby lymph nodes not accessible if removed previously. 

NO – Cancer not spread to lymph nodes (nearby). 

N1 – Cancer spreads to underarm’s lymph nodes, and tiny amounts found in internal mammary lymph nodes. 

N2 – Cancer spreads to 4-9 lymph nodes under the arm or has enlarged internal mammary lymph nodes. 

Metastasis (M) 

“M” by number (0 to 1) indicates if cancer has spread to body parts or not. 

MX – Distant spread not accessible. 

MO – No spread found on X-rays or by any other exam. 

M1 – Cancer has been spread to other body parts. 

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Tips to avoid breast cancer

Medicines are equally important for treating breast cancer but natural prevention is also important. So, let’s know some natural ways to avoid breast cancer. 

1.Weight should be checked

Maintaining weight is a healthy point as well as an important goal for preventing each disease. If you are overweight it could increase the risk of breast cancer. So, always check your weight and do all things to maintain it. 

2.Physical Activeness

Being physically active can lower the risk of breast cancer. It is estimated that women who remain active for at least 30 minutes a day are at lower risk of catching cancer. Regular exercise is the best way to avoid cancer. 

3.Eat fruits and vegetables

A healthy diet lowers the risk of breast cancer, so focus on your diet. Always try to eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible. Keep control of your diet, maintain a distance from junk food. 

4.Avoid Alcohol in too much quantity

Drinking alcohol should be at a moderate level or lower. Even low levels of alcohol intake can be a threat to breast cancer. If you have a habit of drinking alcohol in more quantity, then you need to quit alcohol. 

5.Don’t smoke

Everyone knows smoking is bad for health, heart, and other body parts. Frequent smoking lowers the quality of life and increases the risk of heart disease as well as breast cancer. So, stop smoking as it would be good for your health. 

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After reading ‘breast cancer’ terms, every woman starts worrying. If detected early then it’s ok as you can be treated properly. It is literally important to educate the people about this disease, especially women. Those who know about breast cancer should make others also aware. It’s not only the duty of government officials and doctors. After all, you are a responsible citizen of the nation. So, never step back from creating awareness about breast cancer. 

Half of the people got nervous and scared after hearing about this disease. What do you need to do? You need to follow natural steps to avoid breast cancer, it will show a great effect in lowering the risk of breast cancer. But, you need to be determined and have to throw the scary thoughts out of your mind. Now, due to the latest technology and advancement in the medical field, the cases of breast cancer are less, and above all, if you are taking care of your health then it is a double precaution. So, never leave the natural ways to avoid breast cancer!



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