Skincare Tips to follow according to your skin type

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It is VERY Important to take care of your skin alongside your busy and tiring schedule. You may not feel it instantly but your skin starts feeling worn out and dull if you don’t pay proper attention to it. Just like your stomach needs food and your body needs regular cleanliness, your skin also requires some nourishment and hydration. Therefore, you should follow a proper skincare routine to obtain glowing, healthy-looking skin.

You don’t have to overwhelm your skin with lots of products in that matter. Your skin should be able to breathe, not clog. You need to pay attention to your skin, pamper it, AGAIN not with too many products! only the ones that are essential. Use natural, less fragrant products more. Products with too much fragrance can irritate your skin.

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Skin Care routine steps

When your skin is exposed to an extremely hot, polluted, dusty environment, it starts aging. You start having open pores that collect dust particles, sunburns, Pigmentation, Acne, etc. Aging DOES NOT mean Wrinkles. Aging simply means that your skin is going through changes. You cannot fully prevent those changes, but you can take some measures in order to age SLOWLY and with time.

When your skin is exposed to the sun, in order to protect itself from the harmful UVA and UVB rays, it starts developing a layer on your skin called Melanin. Melanin results in uneven tone and pigmentation. Applying Sunscreen on your face and neck hinders the production of Melanin while simultaneously protecting your skin from sun damage.

If you have an Oily Skin type, choose a gel-based sunscreen, for Dry Skin type, choose a cream-based sunscreen. If you have Combination Skin, look for a sunscreen that is not too greasy to prevent excess oiliness and provides enough hydration for your skin as well.

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STEP – I :
Do not skip SUNSCREEN, even in the winters. Apply it twice or thrice every two to three hours because it loses its effects after some time. Wear it every day even if you are not stepping outside of your house. Look for a sunscreen that gives Broad spectrum Protection to your skin, that is, it has the capability to protect your skin UVA as well as UVB rays. SPF is the level of protection against UVB rays. SPF 30 will do the work for you but do not choose a sunscreen with less than 30 SPF. PA is the protection gradient for UVA rays, your sunscreen should have at least PA++ (++ denotes the level of protection) protection, the higher the ‘+’, the more the protection.

Use your face wash/cleanser twice a day. Cleansing your face twice a day removes the dirt, prevents clogged Pores, and refreshes your skin. Thorough cleansing it once in the morning and once before sleeping will result in youthful and neat skin texture. Especially after a long day, your face is exposed to various types of atmospheres, therefore, you should apply a gentle cleanser before sleeping following a suitable moisturizer. (It worked wonders on my skin!)
Do not sleep without removing makeup – One of the reasons why you shouldn’t skip cleansing in the night.
You should cleanse in the morning to remove excess bacteria and contamination that assembles on your skin overnight.

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For Oily skin type – use Lightweight, gentle, foam-based cleanser.
Oily skin type face cleanser should have the following ingredients – Niacinamide, Salicylic Acid, Glycolic acid.
For Dry Skin Type – cream-based, gentle cleansers with ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin, Lipids, Ceramides, etc.
For Combination Skin – Use gel-based cleansers, removes excess oil, and provides hydration at the same time.
Ingredients – Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Glycolic Acid.

After cleansing, follow with a Moisturizer. Moisturizing keeps your skin hydrated and healthy-looking from the outside. Using a Gel moisturizer for Oily skin, a cream-based moisturizer for dry skin, and Oil-free, hydrating moisturizer for combination skin. Use it twice a day, one in the morning, and one before sleeping. Your nighttime moisturizer should be SPF free, and gentle on your skin. After the moisturizer, apply your best-suited sunscreen in the morning.
Oily Skin – Lactic, Glycolic and Salicylic Acids, Sodium Hyaluronate.
Dry Skin – Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin, Ceramides, and Essential Oils.
Combination Skin – Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides (for anti-aging).

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Use toners. Right after cleaning and pat drying your face, tap the toner and let it dry. They are very essential because they hydrate your skin, close the open pores and maintain the PH level of your skin. You can opt for rose water as your toner or any other suitable skin toner that meets your requirements. Apply it twice a day, morning and nighttime. There shouldn’t be any alcohol content in your toners, because they may irritate your skin.

For Combination Skin – a gentle toner that would provide the required hydration to your skin. Go for rosewater and aloe vera, or Glycerin/HA for deep hydration.
For oily Skin – look for the toners containing Glycolic, citric, and Lactic acids, AHAs, and clay as they help to remove excessive oil and unclog pores from your skin.
For Dry Skin – a pleasant hydrating toner will do the work for you, look for certain ingredients like aloe, HAs, Glycerine, and Butylene Glycol.

STEP – V :
Use Serums. You can add serums to your daily skincare routine because they are very nourishing, helps in getting rid of any skin problems, improves your skin texture, thereby resulting in glowing, younger looking skin. You can look for specific ingredients in a Serum as per your requirement and add them to your morning or nighttime routines, or you can choose appropriate ones for both.

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Types of Face Serums

1. Hyaluronic Acid: Provides hydration to your skin. It smoothens the surface of the skin, making it soft and plump. It locks the moisture in your skin and inhibits dryness.

2. Vitamin C: A very prominent Antioxidant that protects the skin from free radical damage. It also provides the required nutrients to the surface of the skin, brightens skin tone, and contains some anti-aging properties. Very effective in aiding dun damage, discoloration ,and acne scars.

3. Vitamin A (Retinol): contains anti-aging properties, enhances the production of collagen, resulting in firmer skin. It reduces hyperpigmentation and tightens the skin pores, resulting in an even tone. Also works as an exfoliator, helps in removing dead skin cells.

4. Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs): They are great exfoliators for the skin, helps in shedding dead skin cells. It prevents Acne Breakouts and brightens the skin tone. Therefore, highly recommended if you have hyperpigmentation and discoloration.

5. Vitamin E: also works as an antioxidant, fights against free radical damage. Reverses the effects of aging. Evens out the skin tone, making it brighter and soft.

You can also look for ingredients like DMAE, Peptides, glycerine, green tea, etc as per your skin requirement. The ones mentioned above are some of the essential serums that can prove to be very useful to you.

Exfoliation and Masking, once a week. Exfoliating helps in removing dead cells and excessive accumulated dirt from your skin, while simultaneously cleansing your skin. It gives you more refreshment and glow, your skin feels non-greasy and healthy.

Follow up with an appropriate mask, so that all the open pores due to Scrubbing are closed and your skin feels smoother and younger. After properly exfoliating, apply a serum or a moisturizer for proper hydration.

Oily Skin – Use stronger Exfoliators to remove excessive oil and dirt from your skin. Use AHA and BHA based exfoliators.
Dry Skin – Use gentle exfoliators to avoid redness and irritation. Choose the ones that have a creamy texture, because your skin requires hydration.
Combination Skin – If your skin is more Oily, then choose light chemical exfoliators that help you get rid of oil and dirt. If your skin is drier, use gentle, cream-based exfoliators.
If you have Sensitive Skin then you should avoid using exfoliators. Do not use harsh, rough products on your skin. Use minimal products.

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The first and foremost thing is that you stick to your skincare regime. Follow it religiously, and DRINK LOTS OF WATER. Water can help you overcome a lot of skin problems. If you think that you’ll notice a change within a couple of days then you’re wrong. It’s a slow process.

With regular care and pampering, you’ll see a tremendous change, not only will your skin glow from the outside, but it would also feel young and replenished. If you are going through some severe skin diseases then it is recommended that you visit an appropriate Dermatologist for the same.

Everyone wants Flawless skin like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan! That isn’t impossible, to begin with. Pay attention to your skin, cleanse it, moisturize it, don’t forget your sunscreen. Other than external care, Eat good food. You must follow an organized diet to enhance your skin texture and glow.

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Myths about Skincare

  1. Eye Creams are not effective. Eye creams are highly beneficial if the ones with the right ingredients are used. Fine Lines, Wrinkles, and dark circles can be treated with the help of Eye creams. You can choose the one that meets your requirements for maximum results.
  2. There’s no need for sunscreen in the winters. Actually, You should not skip the sunscreen regardless of whatever the season may be. The harmful rays would still affect your skin and you would still want to reduce the production of Melanin. (Melanin causes Hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, etc.) Thus, sunscreens.
  3. The higher the SPF, the better. SPF 30 will be just enough for your skin as far as it is Broad Spectrum, it will provide you the amount of sun protection your skin needs. Although you can still choose higher SPFs, but do not impede lower than 30.
  4. Expensive Products will give you more benefits. It doesn’t matter if the product is expensive or not. What matters is the ingredients and the formulation. The product should benefit your skin requirements, irrespective of its price tag.
  5. Eating Oily/fried food or chocolates cause Acne. The cause of acne has nothing to do with what you eat. It depends on the amount of Sebum present in your skin. Higher Sebum content is the actual cause of acne. What you ingest will not promote/inhibit it.
  6. You should use anti-aging products after you’re 30+. The truth is that, that aging starts when you’re a teenager. Aging isn’t wrinkles and fine lines. Your skin starts aging when it undergoes changes. Changes start occurring when you’re a teen. You can definitely use anti-aging products that meet your needs in your 20s.
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Skincare Don'ts

  1. Don’t use the same moisturizer during morning and nighttime. What you need from your morning moisturizer are hydration and SPF. Your nighttime moisturizer should be SPF-free and gentler.
  2. Don’t over-exfoliate your face. Over scrubbing can cause redness and irritation. You should avoid putting too much pressure on your face while scrubbing. Apply the scrub in soft circles on your skin.
  3. Do not use too many products. Too many products all at once can be a disaster for you. Focus on what your skin needs, don’t overdo just because you read things online.
  4. Don’t use Alcohol-based toners, because they can irritate your skin. They’re too harsh and hence kindly check the ingredients of your toner before using it.
  5. Avoid ingesting too much caffeine. It dehydrates your skin, resulting in a dull texture. A cup of coffee/tea a day is acceptable but don’t over-intake it.
  6. Don’t pop out the pimples. This leads to acne scars, and the bacteria spread more around the affected area, consequently causing more breakouts. Try to not touch your face too often.
  7. DON’T SLEEP WITH MAKEUP ON. It clogs your pores. If you don’t clean it up before sleeping, the dust and harsh chemicals seep through the pores of your skin, leading to skin diseases.
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Do not fall prey to product advertisements. Not every product is going to benefit you. Using a brand without testing it can become a disaster for you. Use more natural and organic products. Too many ingredients can cause irritation, redness, allergy, etc on your skin, so be careful with what you apply. Every skin type is different, so before implementing a product, you should acknowledge your skin type and what best suits your skin.

Exercise and Workout Play a very vital role when it comes to taking care of your skin. You should take out time for any type of exercise, it may be yoga, gyming or working out. When your body exercises, it sweats. Sweating is very healthy because when you sweat, you release antioxidants, thereby purifying your body. Hence your skin will automatically develop a glow. 

Another important factor is mental health. When you are stressed or depressed, not only does your body feel tired, but your skin also feels tired. Which results in dull, feeble skin. You should be mentally stable and active if you want your skin to be healthy and glowing. 

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