Obesity as a Disease is a Lifestyle Curse

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Obesity as a disease is spreading far and wide. This obesity is increasing at a faster rate. But the sad part is we don’t think about obesity as a disease. Most of the time we are ignoring this.

People even say that obesity is a disease there is nothing like that. They feel that we need to enjoy life and not think about all this. But being fat comes with many issues and as we age one gets into different problems.

Obeseity as a disease

Obesity as a disease was not a problem some years ago. As even though life was simple at that time people were very active. And always ate healthy home-cooked food.


They also lived for many years. But now the situation has changed a lot.

We all have smartphones and when we feel hungry, we can just order pasta, pizza, tiramisu, etc online. And take in plenty of calories and we do not even feel guilty.

There was a time where everyone had home-made food. But off late we are so tired with work and the easy way out is tin or ready to eat meals or fast-food.

Moreover, we don’t even order healthy food. Also, people always say we have one life we must enjoy. I agree but everything has its limit.

Do you want your fat body to come in the way of enjoyment? Are you fine with not wearing those small size pretty dresses?

Your answer is no. But at the same time if you get the aroma of yummy pizza you are going to order it. Is that right? You will say let’s think about not eating the pizza from tomorrow. What about those swimsuits? Will it look good on a fat body?

To create more problems when junk foods cost less, too much pressure at work, no exercise etc just adds up to being fat.

But do you know obesity as a disease can create problems in your life? Have you read about the bad effects? Do you know about the scary facts about it? Don’t get sad I will give you all the information.

Moreover, after reading this you need to do a lot of thinking for yourself. This will make you understand the importance of your weight and also the need to look after yourself.


It is one’s weight in kilograms separated by the square of one’s height in terms of meters (kg/m2). In adults, obesity is seen as having a BMI of 30.0, shown by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Weight is related to a higher danger for lots of problems. For example, type 2 diabetes, heart illness, and malignant growth such as cancer.

Obesity Facts

In many cultures, obesity is not a problem. They feel being fat is healthy. People have the notion obesity is all in the mind.

Well, this is just a small information on it. There is more to read on.

It builds your danger of different illnesses and medical issues. For example, heart illness, diabetes, high blood pressure, and certain other diseases.

Doctors say that medicines and weight loss ways are extra alternatives for losing fat.

Obesity is a disease is shocking, isn’t it?

You are curious to know more. You want all the details. Then you will find it all here.

BMI is used for deciding “weight status.” BMI is directed by using your tallness and weight.


BMI percentile is then decided to use your sexual orientation and age.

Obesity in kids is a genuine wellbeing danger to kids. Children in large numbers have outperformed just being overweight and are in danger of many medical issues. Chronic weakness coming from a kid’s obesity is part of adulthood.

Childhood Obesity Symptoms

Moreover, kids and also teens who are obese can get discouraged and have a helpless mental self-image and confidence.

Moreover these kids have to face a lot of teasing and taunts while growing up. This goes on even when they are older.

And, due to their fatness, they feel hungry quite often as well as they are not able to play as the other children do.

These children feel lonely. Due to this, they start to eat more. They feel their only friend is food. One run’s away from the problems by eating. They have given up hope that for them things will get fine. This leads to a lot of mental issues with them.

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Obesity and Mental Health

Many studies give a solid connection between weight and emotional well-being. This relationship is known to be both ways.

While emotional problems give rise to the danger of obesity as a disease. Obesity raises the danger of psychological well-being issues, mostly in specific populations.

Emotional problems can expand the danger of obesity.

For a few reasons:

1) Medicines used to treat mental problems can cause weight gain and insulin problems, adding to obesity;

2) Mental sicknesses influence practices, for example,

-Less rest,

-Too much eating practices, and

-Less active work,

Which can add to obesity. Again, having obesity builds the danger of sadness.

The connection between obesity and emotional wellness is unpredictable and multi-faceted.

  • patients with emotional well-being issues are checked for weight
  • obese are screened for psychological wellness problems.

Mental health is ignored always. So, when it comes to obesity it is even more ignored. As both these things do not give attention at all.

While the way of life decisions like

  • Bad diet patterns and
  • Less exercise is the central reason for excess weight,
  • hereditary
  • or a certain illness.

Risk factors in obesity aren’t it shocking? Yes, there is a risk in every disease. But most of the time we are not aware of or neglect it.

Symptoms in Adults

Moreover, we always feel that obesity cannot cause deaths. But the fact is due to obesity many young people have lost their lives.

Risk Factors

Obesity is connected to diet, exercise, rest, and stress. Making the right way of life changes can help lessen the chance of obesity.

Obesity can harm you over the long run when you take in lots of calories than you use. This calorie unevenness makes your body store fat.

The number of calories can show on the weight. Yet research shows that different parts can decide how your body uses those calories—and, accordingly, the measure of weight you gain.

Processed Foods:
Not all calories equivalent. A few foods and eating examples can decide the number of calories you’re probably going to have.

In a recent report, subjects were taken care of the calorie-coordinated weight control plans of either exceptionally prepared or natural meals.

For about fourteen days, at that point changed to the next eating plan. The subjects were told to eat a lot or as the normal intake as they needed all through the investigation.

The result found that the members of the processed food diet burned-through more calories and acquired a normal of about a pound contrasted with the individuals who ate just natural meals. Who are fewer calories and lost very nearly a pound by and large.

Also, craving creating chemicals fell more with the natural food diet than the processed food diet.

Added Sugar:
The over-eating of added sugar is a harmful factor. “Added sugar” hint at all sugars that are added to food, as opposed to those that happen normally.

The American Heart Association (AHA) prescribes less added sugar to under six teaspoons every day for ladies and nine teaspoons day by day for men.

The problem is that additional sugar goes by different names. In this way, except if you are checking and cautious, you may not understand the other types of sugar that have been added to what in particular you’re eating or drinking.

Saturated Food
Saturated fat connected to higher harm of causing heart problems leading to obesity as a disease. Meals that are high in soaked fat are regularly calorie-thick, this leads to a part of obesity.

A recent report found that eating a dinner that is high in soaked fat affects insulin problems, higher post-supper blood sugars and adds to obesity.

Less Exercise
An inactive way of life can prompt more danger of obesity.

  • From heading to work every day to sitting at a work area for quite a long time
  • returning home and sitting before the TV—
  • many stay stationary for a long time.
  • Information from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that obesity rates will in general be higher in regions where grown-ups report no active work in their free time.

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Lack of Sleep
Another reason for obesity connected to lack of sleep. A recent report showed getting too little rest can bring about metabolic changes that lead to obesity.

In the investigation, subjects who slept four hours a night had more significant levels of ghrelin, a chemical that expands craving.

When a person has too little rest adds to weight by boosting hunger leading to eating more.

The study shows that kids and teens have a higher pace of obesity if they don’t get enough rest.

A recent report of teens who didn’t have rest had a higher weight index (BMIs)

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine prescribes that

  • Kids 6 years to 12 years should rest 9 to 12 hours out of each night;
  • Teens should rest eight to 10 hours.

Also, many teens feel it’s cool to stay up late at night and sleep less. But this is going to cause more problems in the future. This will cause problems in one’s sleep cycle.

This will also lead to insomnia. Due to insomnia this creates chances of obesity in people.

But how many of us are aware?

On the off chance that you’ve ever surrendered to passionate eating or the hankering for “comfort food,” you realize first-hand how stress can influence how you eat.

Constant pressure likewise makes the body initiate natural pathways including pressure-related factors and stress chemicals.

For example, cortisol, which makes the body hold lots of weight more easily.

Therefore, follow

  • going for standard strolls,
  • building up an activity schedule,
  • spending time with one’s pet, and
  • appreciate a home-prepared dinner.

Biological connections of obesity, including specific quality changes, are consistently explored and revealed.

Studies have found reasons that may add to the weight, including those that may impact practices or digestion.

Researchers have found qualities that may present an inclination towards obesity in teenagers. Specifically, the FTO quality gives off the idea of being related to consequences for

  • Hunger,
  • Food admission, and
  • BMI.

Because of study results, presently accept that there might be a connection between

  • FTO,
  • binging,
  • obesity.

In another investigation of almost 1,000 patients, researchers discovered four hereditary markers that were related to higher BMI at 13 years old.

Revealing such connections might help in new medicines for heftiness and related concerns.

One’s environment which consists of

  • At home,
  • At school,
  • In your locality

would all be able to impact how and what you eat, and how dynamic you are.

You might be at a higher danger of obesity due to the following:

  • Live in a neighborhood with restricted solid healthy food choices or with choices of some fatty food choices, similar to junk food or fast foods
  • Haven’t yet figured out how to prepare solid, healthy meals
  • You might not be able to bear the cost of better meals
  • Haven’t found a decent spot to play, walk, or exercise in your area

Ailments can prompt weight to acquire by easing back your digestion, expanding your hunger, or lessening your versatility. Such as:

  • Insulin Resistance
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Menopause
  • Arthritis
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and so on
    Numerous prescriptions can add to weight acquire on the off chance that you don’t remunerate through an eating regimen or movement. Medicines related to weight acquire incorporate
  • Antidepressants
  • Antihistamines
  • Diabetes medicines
  • High Blood Pressure medicines
    Mental health factors add to obesity. While many individuals munch on food because of emotional responses. For example, stress, fatigue, bitterness, or outrage, an expected 3% of the populace have Binge Eating Disorder (BED)
    Depression can now and again prompt weight acquire, as certain individuals may go for nourishment for emotional solace. Certain antidepressants can likewise expand the danger of weight acquire.

To stop smoking is consistently something worth being thankful for, however, stopping may prompt weight to acquire as well. In certain individuals, it might lead to an unreasonable weight.

Hence, it’s essential to zero in on your eating regimen and exercise while you’re stopping, in any event after the underlying withdrawal time frame.
Medicines, for example, steroids or anti-conception pills, raise your danger for weight increase.

It looks like our modern life has created more of a problem. Due to these problems, many sicknesses which we were unaware of. Have suddenly multiplied. Technology has made us more careless about ourselves

Diagnosis of Obesity

Other more precise proportions of muscle to fat ratio and muscle to fat ratio appropriation include:

  • skinfold thickness tests
  • abdomen to-hip correlations
  • screening tests, for example, ultrasounds, CET or CT scans, and MRI checks

Your doctor may arrange certain tests to help analyze weight-related wellbeing hazards. These may include:

  • blood tests to analyze cholesterol and glucose levels
  • liver capacity tests
  • a diabetes screening
  • thyroid tests
  • heart tests, for example, an electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG)

The fat around your midsection is likewise showing your danger for an obesity-related condition.

But if you take care of yourself, then one doesn’t have to go about doing so much of a task. Are you taking care? Do think about this question.


Coronary illness and strokes.

High blood pressure and unusual cholesterol levels, which are bad factors for coronary illness and strokes.

Type 2 diabetes.

Obesity can impact how one’s body makes use of insulin to control glucose levels. This raises one’s danger of insulin obstruction and diabetes.

Certain malignant growths.

Obesity may build your danger of malignancy of the uterus, cervix, endometrium, ovary, bosom, colon, rectum, throat, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidney, and prostate which could be cancerous.

Stomach related issues.

Obesity raises the chances that you’ll create acid reflux, gallbladder infection, and liver issues.

Gynecological and sexual issues.

Obesity may lead to infertility and unpredictable periods in ladies. Obesity can cause erectile dysfunction in men.

Sleep Apnea.

Individuals with obesity have sleep apnea, a possibly genuine problem where breathing over and again stops and starts during sleep.


Obesity builds the pressure set on weight-bearing joints, notwithstanding advancing irritation inside the body. This leads to difficulties, for example, osteoarthritis.

Extreme COVID-19 signs.

Weight builds the danger of creating extreme indications that you become contaminated with the infection that causes COVID-19.

Preventive Measures

This information can put our life so much in danger. Do you still feel obesity is not a big deal? Aren’t you going to take care of yourself?

Do you want to enjoy life in the right way? Or you want to suffer like this? It is your choice.

Obesity Health Professionals


Instances of medical care experts who can assist with weight reduction include:

Dietitians to teach you to have a proper diet plan

Behavioral Counselors to deliver intense subject matters connected to gorging

Life coaches help to set and reduce one’s weight

Fitness mentors to plan a protected and compelling activity plan

Obesity Specialist: Doctors, nurse, and other medical care workers who have unique preparation in treating obesity


We are so fed- up with our increase weight that we start to do self- treatment. But if putting on weight is not getting controlled you need to get in touch with these health professionals.

I would only like to say that it’s better to eat right, exercise, control your stress now, and so on now. It’s better to take precautions rather than suffer. If obesity is there in your family, then you need to take more precautions. It’s never too late to make changes in yourself. So, be careful. Take charge of your obesity before obesity takes charge of your life.


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