Myths and Reality of Breast Cancer: Lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of breast cancer

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Breast cancer is a form of cancer which develops in breast tissue, something which is anatomically given to a human body but somehow increases the risk within the women bodies more. There are many associated myths and facts related to this wretched disease but this article provides you with a bunch of hopeful information. Cancer in itself is an unavoidable trauma something which we do not hold control over, however, having a healthy lifestyle can certainly reduce the risk for any unforeseen tragedies. The article involves step by step information on our regular day strategy to live a life towards a healthier pattern which can be adopted for a breathable living (both emotionally and physically). Here we will also highlight the various myths and fears associated with breast cancer with a sincere understanding of it.

How much you value your health,
Is evident by the choices you make.

The effects of overweight and excessive drinking

Obesity and Alcohol consumption is certainly a triggering element to increase the risks of breast cancer; however, it does not confine itself to this only. Excessive and heavy drinking can lead to eventual problems but in the case of breast cancer, the risk factor gets enhanced. Occasional drinking has done no harm to anyone but if anything becomes an addiction it will eventually lead to ultimate health downfalls. Alcohol metabolism and consumption of it can lead to significant changes in one’s health patterns. According to Maitri health care division, it is also said that ‘Alcohol does not become the ONLY reason as well’, for example, if you do not consume alcohol at all that does not gives a surety that you will not get breast cancer.

It is, therefore, a huge myth if you claim and convince yourself that since I do not consume spirits in any form I am free of this issue. The same set of pattern and questioning is applicable to smoking. Smoking so far has done no good to anyone on this earth, it is innately a habit which should be given up therefore in regards to breast cancer it can be revised in the same way. Smoking certainly increases the risk and therefore having no smokes or complete disruptions of it from your regular day living will add 10 years of existence and precious life.

Myths and Reality of Breast Cancer: Lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of breast cancer

Do not take your mind-body for granted

The above factors were the introductory elements or ground rules to have a life risk free life of breast cancer and also the beginning of an appropriate and healthy lifestyle. Secondly exercise becomes a highly important addition to your regular life. Even a 30 minute (every day) physical activity adds tremendous value to your health. This ultimately brings us to the next point of maintaining a healthy weight and a controlled BMI. Exercising along with a balanced weight is the least we can inculcate in our habit patterns. Excessive fat and no body movement will push you not only towards a lazy and unhealthy life but will increase the risk of breast cancer as well. Along with this drinking sufficient amount of water makes balanced healthy body maintenance.

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Good amount of water drinking detoxify the body and add necessary minerals, this eventually control our unnecessary eating patterns and keeps our body hydrated, fit and healthy. In continuation of this sleep patterns becomes another relevant point of discussion. We were often reminded while growing up to sleep early at night and get up early as well which most of us forgot in the rush of technology and modern lifestyle.

The importance of sleep patterns, water balance and nutritious food in your body

Sleeping early has many benefits of its own and one of the primary elements being that one can totally give up on mid-night munching. Eating late at night has done excessive harm to our health and this ultimately adds a good amount of pounds to our weight. Imagine if I ask you not to sleep for one day how will that make you feel? I am sure it won’t be good news for any one of us, similarly, our organs need rest and burning everything which you have consumed in a day takes time. So become a little vigilant with your regular life choices and see for yourself.

In regards to the above explanation we have another addition, Healthy Foods. During this time of generation, we are cursed with the habit to eat junk. Avoiding oily products and junk food will be the best gift to your body. Nutrition and nutritious food will automatically generate better antioxidants and can help to develop a healthy diet. Sometimes our body becomes naturally capable to fight the worst of worst disease and that can only happen if you take good care of what you are eating. Eating habits and maintaining diet are two primary factors involved in having a risk of free breast cancer life; even doctors globally always begin with these suggestions. Sugary products along with any harmful synthetic consumption can aggravate the risks and many more additional problems.

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Taking care of your body becomes your responsibility

One of the most important tangents associated with breast cancer is to conduct self-examination and mammography. Yearly mammography and regular health checkups from your doctor are always better than to avoid it. If you think that nobody in your family has or had it, therefore, you won’t, then that’s a lie you will be living. Breast cancer has 5-10% chances of either of the explained cases. Even if your mother had or didn’t have it does not stand as a solid reason for you not to get checked. Therefore regular clinical checkups should be added in your priority list. Women who are above 40 years of age should become vigilant and even the younger ones should not take health lightly. Breastfeeding mothers should continue doing so as mostly suggested that breastfeeding is a big factor to eliminate or have a risk free life in this regards. Although nothing stands as a surety in this explanation but having a genuine optimistic attitude towards your body will bring more benefits and better awareness to you and your family.

Although breast cancer is widely aligned with women it is equally a possibility in case of men too. But due to anatomy and physical construction women comes at a higher risk. In this regards, it is better to take breathable and good care of yourself. To begin with, Bras! Certainly wearing a wired bra or tight bra is not very comfortable; therefore make sure that even before sleeping do not wear tight bra’s or regular daywear shouldn’t be uncomfortable. If you choose to wear uncomfortable and bad quality innerwear that is going creates problems for you in the future.

Secondly do not exhaust yourself with baseless myths about giving birth before 30! Certainly, as we discussed in the whole article that nothing actually decides if or not anything specific can cause breast cancer therefore stressing over something like this will certainly bring you no good. Remember stress is another contributing factor to this agile problem. Definitely following the “natural” way of women body requirements, unfortunately, is a reality but remember that there are other ways to balance that out too. Mental balance and an optimistic approach towards life are more important than sticking to random misogynist suggestions from society. Nothing actually decides what or which factor might bring you breast cancer but adoption of good healthy balanced mind-body fitness certainly eliminates many risks.

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Awareness and transmitting it across is your social responsibility

Another contributing factor to eliminate the risk of breast cancer is Awareness. We as women should not undermine the capable problems aligned with our health. There is always a higher risk of everything to us and our bodies. Being non-sensitive or unaware about it the first ignorance we show, remember if it is someone else yesterday it can be you today. In the twentieth-century breast cancer was feared and discussed in hushed tones, as if it was an act of crime. From that time onwards to this day we have come a very long way in terms of awareness, medication and ailments. The breast cancer movement of the 1980s took a larger shape within the folds of feminist movements in the 20th century and this eventually leads to a series of political and educational campaigns partly inspired by AIDS awareness program and campaigns which lead to the acceptance of surgeries and further medical attention. Imagine if people wouldn’t have stepped up for something like this, would we have been living the life the way we are living now? Seek for yourself and become inspired to fulfil your role as a woman and as someone who is aware. Join the pink ribbon campaign and make yourself and your people aware of it.

I would like to end my article with few conclusive statements. Unfortunately, there are no hard and fast criteria to get rid of breast cancer but there are plausible measures to reduce the chances. Balanced diet, healthy food habits, exercise and getting clinically checked annually are the most commonly used preventive measures. The biases of the disease are evident and absolutely not favourable to our interest but somehow we have to deal with. Mental health becomes a very contributing factor to this, as most of us might even become highly scared and paranoid with this reality and might end up stressing about it, therefore keep a balanced mind towards it. There are no set of rules and regulation to have or have not of breast cancer but our acceptance towards it is a major step in itself. Count on to the five key elements of the regular day living—Exercise, Healthy Food, Water, Mental Health and Annual Clinical, and everything else will fall in its place.    


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