International Tea Day and Mental Health prosperity

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Are you willing for an International Tea Day with some scoops of health benefits?

Drinking tea is one of the best ways to share and care for each other. Shops, restaurants, stall take special care to procure the best crockery for serving tea. Tea is as important as the International and National Tea Day observation!

But, did you know that this exceptional beverage has got an interesting fact entailing it?

People begin a day with a cup of tea or Chai which prepares them for a long day. A long tiring day finds comfort in a cup of hot tea for most of us. We find several types of tea ranging in quality, consistency, form and package. Each one is special in its own form quenching one in their the best or worst mood!

According to the legendary Chinese tale the discovery of this ‘elixir of life’ was an incident. The incident gave rise to many more discoveries. Different countries embrace it with different stylistic features. Tea is no longer an option but a necessity. The evolution of tea has gained it much popularity of being an international drink .The UNO observes International Tea Day on 21 May. Some countries like Sri Lanka, India, Nepal celebrates it on December 15.

Get ready to brew more secrets over Tea in the pages here….

The International Observation

We are particular about it as a nation. In fact, Chai makes us feel so patriotic in oneness over a hot sip. We experienced a transition in the preparation of tea by the 20th Century on adopting the English style of adding milk. India is proud to be one of the largest producers of tea in the world. So we have double reasons to be delighted in this drink. Several issues such as land ownership, undulating wages, and rights of workers were addressed in 2005 to bring in justice to its production and processes. This involved its transfer from the plantations to our cups as an edible beverage. There are several steps taken every year to improve the production and consumption of tea in the industry.

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This is an industry which involves communities of people, both men and women to form groups. After all, they enjoy the process of plucking, sieving, refining, processing etc.The International observation is celebrated on different dates. However all the observations aim to rekindle tradition .

 The transforming taste

The Hallowed Truth

These days Green Tea is in vogue and is an essential part of a weight loss plan. People take pride in sipping green tea with the market flourishing with diverse varieties of it. Typically, green tea has become too soothing in colour and aroma.

Does it really flush out the toxins as it claims?

Studies show that it aids in better digestion but we have less evidence on its weight loss strategies. It helps in a balanced diet and protects the body from dehydration. It is absolutely normal for the body to filter itself from the fetters of indigestion, malfunctioning of brain and metabolic disorders. Extra care is to be given on proper intake of fluids. Yes the fact is that it lends a helping hand to boost weight loss. Consumption of liquid helps increases the rate of burning fat. When you hydrate your body with liquids it stays healthy and polished which itself is a larger stride towards detoxification.

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Excess usage of tea often leads to metabolic impairment and digestive problems. We need to individually readdress the hollow part of this truth. Tea has got a big graph of growth and so the International Tea Day is a genuine reminder of this truth!

 The chamomile tea

Tea being an Obsession or Possession?

Countries have got their distinctive methods of preparation and consumption of Tea. This is the reason why the status of tea has evolved to a particular day of observation as International Tea Day. For many, it is indeed an addiction to have 7-8 cups in a day. While it has got its own advantages there are few disadvantages too. Here, let me give you a closer look on it in connection with mental health. There several paths of escapism chosen by an individual to drown their thoughts in a cup of any beverage.

Too much of anything can lead to something!

People do becomes obsessed with tea. Some also struggle from effective ways to untangle from the clinch of tea. Just like anything else this also is a huge mental procedure where the addicted should develop methods to reduce the intake of tea. First step is the initiative to realize that one is travelling in an abnormal path of obsession. After acceptance, it is time to draw yourself away from such a path. Your body has an in-built system to erase, format and restart. These capabilities are in danger on increased dose of tea. Definitely it reduces possibilities of liver ailments and conditions of strokebut these are all probabilities if not cautious. It is advisable to choose and consume the right type of tea in right proportion as prevention is better than cure.

Mental Health and Tea

Often Tea acts as an entity of replacement or displacement. People become disappointed while freeing their grips on smoking and drinking. Therefore, tea becomes a temporary savior satiating their affinity to these customary practices.

There are multiple health benefits that accompany this companion which people across the globe commemorate on the International Tea Day. Allow it to brew into a healthy habit for those who are unaware of its benefits. Now let’s take a random look at them:

Weight Loss or Weight Gain?

A cup of tea is a rich drink. Adding a sweetener or honey along with a few cubes of sugar is surely a good example of calorie intake. If you are used to such a drink, it adds a few pounds of weight along with the extra taste it fondles you with. On the other hand, a routine with green tea increases metabolism and helps in weight regulation. Therefore either of the types has got an impact on the habit with a two phased consequence of either weight loss or gain. One feels low on losing a rich friend or an energetic friend and the same applies for the type of drink.

Focus and Antioxidants

Peppermint tea, Chamomile Tea, Lemon balm etc augments the focus and concentration of mind. It also slackens memory abilities reducing the blood flow to brain. Apparently, you feel cloudy or foggy on such days with less enthusiasm. Black Tea and Green Tea is proven to reduce cell damage which fights our body from all infections. Of course it doesn’t mean that your body is entirely controlled by this routine but it is a warning to supplement your diet with alternatives. Some of these are blackberries, strawberries, red cabbage, fruits and lots of green leafy vegetables. It is a task to get clean and organic diet these days, but when you take an effort the result will also follow.

Sleep matters

Extract of tea before bed avoids restlessness and assures a sound peaceful sleep. Why do people consume tea before retiring after a long day? The answer is simple! It has got the capacity to reduce stress levels in the body making you feel relaxed and float in tranquility.

Chamomile tea and Green tea has got stimulants that relaxes the muscles. It helps in falling asleep without much effort. Stopping this habit especially before bed may induce cravings for food leading to weight gain. The flavone chrysin compound in organic types of tea has anti-anxiety effects. A research study conducted in California proves that chamomile capsules were effective in treating people with anxiety problems.

Variety in from


A sudden change in the routine may lead to problems such as indigestion, bloating of stomach, muscle cramps. You may sometimes experience abnormal bowel movements too. Tea has got constituents which help in the breakage of food particles for easy digestion. Remember that your psychological status is associated with the wellbeing of the digestive system. Therefore it is not sufficient to pour or outpour this drink only on the International Tea Day. So, remember to befriend a healthy relationship with it.

There are over 3000 varieties of Tea to slurp and experiment. Therefore choose the best type for you .It is not the International Tea Day which makes this beverage so popular. The companionship it offers during the dull hours is commendable. The discovery of Tea was an accident and also a coincidence. It has taken us down the pages of history with confidence, energy and relaxation. Tea is also a part of many cultural systems garnished with ample amount of hospitality. Researchers insist that drinking tea results in better cognition of the brain. So be wise in picking the right form and type for your health and routine!


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