13 FAQ on GST replied by Government (CBEC) on 26.12.2017

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FAQ on GST has been issued by the official twitter handle of the Government (CBEC) on 26th December 2017. These tweets are for educational purposes only and not applicable to any legal proceedings.
Source: Twitter of GoI

Question 1: Is ITC available on vehicle taken on lease for an employee in a manufacturing company?

 Answer: No. It is not allowed as per section 17(5) of CGST Act, 2017


Question 2: We are dealer having more than 1.5 cr turnover. Whether GSTR-1 return to be filed for every month for July­ October, 2017 or Single GSTR-1 Return will be filed for the month of July-October,2017 on or before 31st December, 2017.

Answer: FORM GSTR – 1 return is to be filed for every month from July-October,2017 by registered persons having more than 1.5 cr turnover. Last date is 31st Dec, 2017


Question 3: In GST portal GSTR 2 online preparation is not showing, but in GST home page GSTR 2 filing last date is 30th Nov 2017. Please confirm whether we have to file or not?

Answer: Last dates for filing FORM GSTR-2 are yet to be notified. Please refer to notification no.57/2017-CT and 58/2017-CT dated 15.11.2017.


Question 4: Is it necessary to provide job work challan details in GSTR-1 filing online?

Answer: No


Question 5: What documents are needed for Sales return from unregistered persons? Do i need to issue debit note on behalf of him. Please clarify

Answer: Registered person will issue a credit note to the unregistered person.

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Question 6: How to convert regular GST registration into ISD registration?

 Answer: You will have to first cancel the regular registration by filing FORM GST REG 29 and then take a fresh registration by filing FORM GST REG-01 choosing ISD in the field “Reason to obtain registration”.


Question 7:  Can a manufacturer who was not registered in excise take credit of goods on which he doesn’t have duty paying documents i.e. Can he take deemed transistional credit?

Answer: No, as per section 140 of CGST Act, 2017.


Question 8: We have accidently filed GST amount in wrong head. Filed under Cess. Can this be changed?

Answer: A circular detailing the procedure for manual filing of the application form for refund will be issued shortly. Or else, the amount paid can be used to pay future tax liability.


Question 9: Can an unregistered vendor with annual turnover under INR 20 lakh supply services to SEZ Developer/unit?

Answer: Yes, (Refer Notification No.10/2017-Integrated Tax dt. 13.10.2017)


Question 10: Is the payment of tax required on receipt of advance in case of goods now?

Answer: No, (Refer Notification No.66/2017– Central Tax dt. 15.11.2017)

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Question 11: What is the last date for filing ITC-04 for Jul-Sep Quarter, 2017?

Answer: 30th December, 2017


Question 12: I am an ISD. By when can I file ITC-06 for July, 2017?

Answer: By 31st December,2017


Question 13: If goods are destroyed or lost due to various reasons, can a person take ITC for such goods?

Answer: No, a person cannot take ITC with respect to goods lost, stolen, destroyed or written off.

There is a list of 12 items on which ITC is not available.

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