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Tanya Gupta

(@Tanya Gupta)

Tanya Gupta is an accomplished writer, researcher, author and publisher. Tanya works to capture stories that inspire humans and get them motivated and awakened. Tanya is known for her expressive writings. Along with her studies, she is able to manage writing work so efficiently. Through social media, Tanya strives to share her vision of writing with millions of people and inspiring them to great extent.

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Stages of breast cancer that you don’t know about

'Stages of breast cancer that you don’t know about'

What breast cancer term means? It is a type of cancer which occurs in the breast and is very dangerous. Cancer starts when the cells grow out of control and it's high time we understand both breast cancer and the stages of breast cancer. It usually forms a tumour that can be seen on an X-ray. It's n...

Boosting your Mental Health during Pandemic

'Boosting your Mental Health during Pandemic'

The world is dealing with a pandemic, which is increasing at an alarming rate. This pandemic has brought several challenges. Serious challenge which is being focused is mental health issues. The lock down period had disrupted the lifestyle of several people they were in the habit of. This change in ...