7 ways to keep yourself motivated and focused

| 5 years ago

No person in this world can motivate you unless you motivate yourself, isnt it rightly said?.Everyone dreams of a better and successful life but not all are commited to work hard and dedicate themselves to their goals.I am listing out 7 simple ways which are just few of the hundreds,that you can follow to motivate yourself every single day.So lets directly dive in 

1. Listen to music that thrills and energises you

People who listen to music ,which most of us do ,must have felt goose bumps while listening  to a song that touches their heart.Inspirational songs does the same,it motivates you,encourages you to work hard and helps you to  stay positive.I read it somehwere on the internet

Music motivates individuals by making them feel more successful and by evoking positive emotions that help to buffer some of the negative symptoms associated with exercise.

There are hundrends of amazing  songs among those here are few songs that i listen to whenever i feel like loosing hope

The script    Chak de india Fighter

2. Listen to speeches and interviews of people who have inspired the world

Every successful person has something to teach from his experience.If their talks make you feel confident and positive then its almost certain that you will be influenced ,read their biographies ,know about their past , know about the struggles and hard works they have done to achieve their goals, By doing so you will never complain about your troubles , infact you will be confident enough to face your difficulties.Here are the few legends who are admired by millions 

Pint it Pin it Pin it

3. Read inspirational quotes

Quotes by successful people are not just words ,they are the real key to success,These words have  deeper meaning and lots to reveal.They will fill you up with positive energy and help you focus .Here are two of such inspiring quotes

Apj abdul kalam Shah rukh khan

4. Always think of  positive results of your hard work

Thinking of the result stops time(not exactly) takes your  closer to the future.You will feel as if you have almost achieved it.Negative thoughts will only restrict you and will demoralize and demotivate you,so its better you stay away from them.

5. Think about how proud your family and friends would be

Just think about the day when your father  feels so proud of you,your mom   breaks down in tears looking at you(ofcourse positive way).These feeling are best in the world and will surely encourage you,if not then you have a heart of stone(just kidding).

6. Get rid of distractions

If you are television addict or you spend most of your time browsing  internet or playing video games,then you need to conscious,try to get rid of these distaction because these only squander all of your time.

Last and surely not the least

7. Stay postitive , work hard and never loose hope

Even if you ignore all the ways mentioned above and follow up this step,you  have chance to succeed,This step is a must and there is no known alternative to it.

You have  other ways to motivate yourself ?. Share them in the comments below

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